Probe into woman’s slaying continues

WELLSVILLE — It has been eight months since a Wellsville woman was killed in her living room as her children slept upstairs, and the investigation is continuing.

Destiny Penny, 26.was discovered deceased Oct. 22 within her Main Street apartment. According to reports, her assailant had kicked in her front door and shot her in the head.

She never showed up for her shift at the Paddlewheel Restaurant.

Wellsville Police Chief Ed Wilson had reported at that time that she had been shot with a small caliber handgun and was confident Penny knew her attacker. He is quoted in media reports as saying back days after the incident, “We’re doing an investigation. We have some people of interest and evidence. It shouldn’t be too hard to finish this out,” he said.

Yet months later, no arrests or resolution has been in the Penny case.

Columbiana County Prosecutor John Gamble urges the public not to overreact to the fact there hasn’t been an arrest. The case hasn’t grown cold, he said, adding Tuesday that he is optimistic that the case is nearing resolution soon.

Prosecutors recently met with Lt. Marsha Eisenhart regarding the Penny case and are positive about the way the investigation is progressing, “The case has the potential to go to (the Columbiana County) grand jury,” Gamble explained via phone. “We are getting really close,” as forensic evidence continues to come in.

Gamble declined to comment further on the case.

No information has been given about an alleged person of interest that had been arrested on unrelated charges early in the investigation.


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