Thompson Park pool to open June 7

EAST LIVERPOOL — After consulting with the city health commissioner, the city park board announced this week that the Thompson Park pool will open Sunday, June 7.

While direct sunshine and chlorinated water are known to kill the coronavirus, opening the pools will require families to cooperate with the new safety procedures. the board announced in a press release. The pool staff will be enforcing the guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Health and the CDC:

— Except for members of the same family, social distancing will be observed, even among children playing.

— Restrooms will be very frequently cleaned and sanitized, and people will need to use the facilities individually.

— Concession food will be available, but staff will be masked and will not hand food directly to customers.

There will be guidelines that the staff will alert swimmers to any other modifications to routine.

Lifeguards will continue, as before, to focus exclusively on their job: protecting swimmers. Inner tubes and a “basketball hoop” will be available. Picnic tables, lounges and benches will all be available on the lawns.

The pools have been operated since 2003 by the volunteer efforts of Jim and Amy Swoger and Jeff Cartwright-Smith, who continue to do so again this year.

High school students worked hard to supplement the outdoor furniture and the entire community generously supported the Rotary’s rebuilding efforts in 2014-15.


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