Consumers find new interest in disinfectant options due to pandemic

Herman Potts and Scott Mick of St. Clair Township police watch as Brad Gilson, owner of Brad’s, finishes SteraMist treatment of this police cruiser, one of eight he sterilized Wednesday with hydrogen peroxide fog for the department at no charge. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)

GLENMOOR — For centuries, hydrogen peroxide has been used for everything from hair bleaching to water treatment. However amidst the coronavirus pandemic, its superior disinfection prowess has come to the forefront.

Brad’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning recently has become a certified member of the TOMI Service Network of SteraMist users.

SteraMist is a high-level disinfectant that utilizes an ionized hydrogen peroxide fogger to treat commercial facilities quickly and safely for the elimination of bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 coronavirus.

This technology, which contains only 7.98 percent hydrogen peroxide and alcohol in the solution that evaporates within five seconds after dampening surfaces ranging from electronic equipment to door handles and light switches, according to business owner Brad Gilson.

SteraMist is Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered for use as a broad-spectrum disinfectant in hospital and health care facilities, allowing for quick turnaround time to provide minimal disturbance to your operations.

“SteraMist is by far the way to go,” Gilson explains to disinfect items containing a lot of electronic components.

Now as his office manager Tammie Myers points out, there is still some preparation for the disinfecting to be most effective. For example, to eradicate COVID-19 from an area, Gilson said the area still has to be clean and sanitized before they proceed with the disinfectant step, which is basically there to eradicate any possibilities of human error in the process.

In comparison, the SteraMist distributes the solution in a very fine .05 micron mist to the .5 to .10 micron mist put out by mister, which is recommended where there is less concern about moisture damaging property.

Complimentary treatment recently was offered to all cruisers for the East Liverpool, St. Clair and Liverpool township police departments.

For information. About option, call Brad’s at 330-385-8488 or visit www.bradscleaning.com or visit the company’s Facebook page.


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