Coronavirus-proofing your home

EAST LIVERPOOL — The East Liverpool Health District has several recommendations on precautions that one can take to keep coronavirus at bay.

Health Commissioner Carol Cowan suggests that first and foremost that one watches the Ohio Department of Health and Centers for Disease control websites for updates. However, she suggests residents do the following to coronavirus-proof their homes.

Designate one person as an errand runner to limit the household’s outside exposures and set up a disinfecting area, where you can disinfect packaged food in a low traffic area.

Stay six feet or more within others when out, disinfect handles on carts or baskets while shopping and wash hands frequently while out and avoid touching one’s face.

Upon return to one’s home, wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and water, disinfect all takeout boxes and packaged foods at your disinfecting station and thoroughly wash produce before introducing it in your kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to disinfect everything one touches like doorknobs, light switches, keys, phones, keyboards and remotes with Environmental Protection Agency-approved disinfectants like Clorox and Lysol. Be sure to leave surfaces wet for three to five minutes.

When receiving deliveries, ask them to drop them off on your doorstep or keep six feet of distance if workers need to come to the door. Pay and tip online when possible, and wash your hands after picking up mail from your mailbox.

For laundry, clothes, towels and linens should be washed regularly on the warmest setting. It is recommended that you use removable lines in your laundry hamper and disinfect the hamper regularly. Shaking dirty laundry in the air is discouraged as it disperses any possible virus in the air.

Cowan also suggests that it is not a good time to have guests over at your home right now, as living spaces should not be shared. She also suggests social distancing recommendations be observed at all times.

What if someone in your household gets ill, she suggests to first consult doctors and then isolate them in another room and suggest they use a separate restroom. Frequently touched surfaces should be disinfected daily, and you should avoid sharing items with them. The CDC also recommends wearing gloves when doing their laundry, asking them to wear a face mask and wash your hands frequently.

In households with pets, Cowan suggests it is okay to play with them in your backyard just observe the six foot social distancing restriction and try to secure another caregiver for them if you are sick. If you must care for them while ill, wash hands frequently.


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