HLC changes name, selling all tableware lines but Fiesta

NEWELL, W.Va. — The Homer Laughlin China Company has a new name and a new focus.

Company president Elizabeth McIlvain detailed the transaction in a letter that was distributed to factory employees, as operations currently didn’t allow her to share the news with them personally due to the coronavirus measures.

The buyer, Steelite International will manufacture all of HLC’s tableware site at its Newell, W.Va. location 90 days from the signed sales transaction date of March 24, 2020. This will include the sale of the Hall China Company food service division.

After that date, Steelite will be fully responsible for all HLC food service lines, except the Fiesta brand, which will continue to made here and distributed by Steelite.

The Fiesta Tableware Company, which is HLC’s new name, retained ownership of the brand.

“This difficult decision was made after long and careful deliberation by our leadership team. Our food service division had not been profitable for some time, and the situation was no longer sustainable. We made the decision to help protect our company for the next generation of owners, employees and customer,” McIlvain said.

“We take great pride in our company’s history and legacy. Transferring our food service dinnerware brands to new ownership is never something we wanted to do.”

She concluded that the move will allow them to recommit to the Ohio Valley area. “We can no longer afford to be complacent, and everyone will be held accountable for their actions. We need to reconnect to the sense of pride and ownership that helped build this great company.”

No additional information about the transaction was available.


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