Wellsville looks to get a new fire truck

WELLSVILLE — The finance committee met Wednesday to discuss the 6 mill fire levy. The committee decided to split the levy to have 40 percent of revenue go to operations and the remaining 60 towards capital imrovements, like a new fire truck.

Hoi Wah Black, fiscal officer, said she will check with the state auditor if council needs to pass the recommendation as an ordinance. Committee Head Bill Taft said he would like to see this recommendation become at least a resolution to set clear expectations for the levy money.

The committee discussed adjusting the fire department’s payment schedule for the debt they owe the general fund. They would like to see the debt paid back in four years, with them paying $19,000 this year.

They also discussed selling the 1992 100-foot ladder truck, and determined it would be best to sell it as is. The truck’s repairs have been valued at $37,000, which is approximately the amount the truck would sell for.

They want to hear feedback from Fire Chief Barry Podwel before finalizing their recommendations.

The committee also decided to meet again in March to discuss insurance options, they are waiting on additional information from insurance providers.


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