Seniors only ones who tend to get a pass on income taxes

EAST LIVERPOOL –Senior citizens who are retired from working are the only ones who tend to be not have to pay taxes, according to East Liverpool Tax Commissioner Linda Harpold.

Everyone else has to file city income tax even if they do not work. “After age 65, they do not need to file if they only receive Social Security and/or a pension. If they receive any notice from us and they do not work, they should call to let us know, so we can correct our records. However, if they are working even part-time or if they go back to work, they must file city tax,” Harpold explained.

Income tax forms are available at city hall or online at www.eastliverpool.com look under tax department. Tax returns are due April 15, 2020. They are considered late if postmarked April 16 or later.

All W2s, 1099Misc forms and federal 1040 tax returns must be submitted. “We can make copies, but (filers also) need to include the federal schedules for (businesses or other rental operations). We cannot file your taxes without these documents,” she concluded


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