New Cumberland to see a water rate increase

NEW CUMBERLAND, W.Va. — The water and sewer committee met Monday for its monthly meeting. The committee received updates on upcoming projects and equipment repairs.

They were notified that city council passed a water rate increase on first reading at February’s meeting. The increase is for covering the cost of the water system update. The rate increase for a minimal 2,000 gallon bill is $24.88, up $10.24 from $14.64. The water rate increase needs to be passed two more times before it takes effect.

They were notified of an upcoming conference call to discuss the general engineering of the water project. They also learned the city is looking into appraising one property and are working on easements and right of ways for the water project.

There is no official update on the sewer project. The city is moving forward with the project’s paperwork and preparing for a conference call on April 8. They were approved for the second drawing of $37,430 from the WDA loan for the sewer project. The money will be put towards engineering and accounting costs.

The electrical study for the Well 1-C pump station was completed, and CJL Engineering recommended installing an electrical power filtering system. The study came at no cost to the city because the engineering firm was only making a recommendation.

The insurance claim for the Morris Street Station has closed, and the city is working on finishing the repairs at the station. City Clerk Sara Hawkins also reported they have not received a response from the Department of Environmental Protection, DEP, regarding the station.

In other business, Pat Jones, chief water operator, said he is working with the DEP to learn the new online method of submitting monthly reports, and Virgil Wickham, chief sewer operator, did not attend the meeting. They approved water bills of $24,736 and sewer bills of $20,471. Dallis Dawson and Associates will be providing the city with an elevation certificate for $37,430, the certificate is a requirement for flood insurance. They are still looking for additional members to become a full committee.



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