John Doe no more

Unnamed defendant finally reveals his identity

John Doe, later identified as Aundario E. Jackson, waits in the East Liverpool Municipal Court room during court proceedings Thursday morning, as Judge Dominic Frank proceeds through his docket. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)

EAST LIVERPOOL — Three times were the charm, as East Liverpool Municipal Court Judge Dominic Frank once again had John Doe on his docket, as he tried to get the defendant to reveal his identity.

Frank finally was successful, and Aundarcio E. Jackson was John Doe no more.

During a Friday morning video pretrial from the county jail, Jackson admitted his identity, figuratively untying Frank’s hands.

Jackson, 28, formerly of Canal Winchester, was arrested shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday in the first block of Mapletree Street on failure to disclose one’s personal information and obstructing official business charges, after officers were dispatched to investigate possible drug activity near the Mainland gas station property. The county Drug Task Force had been conducting a drug investigation of a man they knew only as Fee.

Officers had been dispatched to find Jackson sitting on a porch in the 1000 block of Mapletree Street and inquired of his identity. Jackson became argumentative, demanding to know why the officer was asking.

Once he was taken into custody for the failure to disclose one’s personal information, Jackson continued to resist both all booking measures and drew the obstructing charge.

With his disclosure, Judge Frank reset Jackson’s bond if he could provide a verifiable address on record and granted his request for interview by the public defender.

Frank, though, is cognizant of the fact that Jackson has a sketchy record of showing up for court. In fact, he had been sought since August 2018, when he failed to show up for court proceedings regarding an obstructing official business, possession of marijuana and driving under suspension charge for then-Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling. It resulted into those cases being marked inactive in January 2019.

Despite his revelation, Jackson remains set for bench trial Thursday, Feb. 27; however, he may have appointed legal counsel accompanying him now that court employees could ascertain his financial status and identity for bond purposes. According to court action, Judge Frank will let Jackson out of jail if he posts a $30,000 cash or surety bond.

If convicted of these latest charges, Jackson faces up to 120 days in jail and $1000 in fines.


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