Beaver stays local with turf decision

After Thursday’s special meeting Beaver Local board members looked at an early rendering from ForeverLawn of what the field may look like after the installation of the new field, which will feature SportsGrass. (Submitted photo)

LISBON — Beaver Local schools on Thursday took the next steps toward creating the turf field of their future, hiring local contractors with alumni connections for the project.

The field turf contract went to ForeverLawn Penn-Ohio through the HGACBuy government purchasing consortium at a total cost of $375,000.

The board also chose Mike Pusateri Excavating, Inc., to provide the site work and prep work for the proposed athletic fields at a cost of $191,200.

Prior to the vote, board president Greg Eisenhart said the district had done a lot of searching and actually looked at 12 or 15 fields before narrowing the companies for the project down to two companies. Eisenhart said it was important that they got the best product at the best price, but are very happy it worked out to be local companies.

Superintendent Eric Lowe said in the end the local companies worked hard to give Beaver Local the best price they could get and he feels it is a good story to have local alumni involved in the process.

“We’re excited to be here, excited to be in this position,” said Dale Karmie, one of the co-owners of ForeverLawn. “This is something we could not have dreamed of 15 or 20 years ago.”

Karmie said he appreciated the diligence the board went through in making the decision and assured them the new field will be the best one in the county and Northeast Ohio.

The field will be built in the location of the current stadium, a place with fond memories for many alumni of the district. After the meeting, Karmie said the construction of sport fields was not the major focus of the company when it was founded in 2004, but this part of the business has become their main focus in the past few years.

The company works to be part of the community and takes a sense of ownership for their projects, Karmie said. However, as someone who played on the field back in the 1980s, Karmie already has some sweat equity in that location.

“We’re so excited,” Karmie said. “It’s a little surreal, we’re out here doing this for our local school.”

Two other board members, John Campbell and Jerry Barnett also talked about how excited they were about the project and happy to have alumni involved, giving back to the student and their community.

The $1 million donation from NFL player Derek Wolfe and businessman Jamin Pastore, two other alumni provided the seed money for the project. Eisenhart said more fundraising will now begin to help with the additional construction of a multi-use sports training facility near the field, which could include a weightlifting facility and indoor practice fields if enough money can be raised.

The board is enlisting the help of Dallis Dawson and Associates, another local firm, to start making architectural plans for the new building.



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