Salineville clarifies new animal rules

Jon Moore (right) is sworn in as the new member of Salineville Council by Mayor Linda Adams, while fiscal officer Donna Rudder holds the Bible. Moore was selected to replace Brian Zaverl, who decided not to run for re-election. Council voted unanimously to make the appointment following interviews held in executive session on Tuesday.

SALINEVILLE — Mayor Linda Adams attempted to clarify the animal ordinance creating a flowchart for residents and council members about the new rules and at what point the animals are and are not compliant.

Adams said there have been some people concerned about the ordinance, not understanding that some animals are allowed and not everyone will be required to file a non-compliance form.

For instance, if you have animals living less than 100 feet from your neighbor’s dwelling, you are not in compliance. Cats are allowed. Up to three dogs older than 3 months and all dogs younger than 3 months do not make you out of compliance. Four or more dogs older than 3 months does make you out of compliance.

Additionally, she said there is a list of farm animals which require an acre of property per animal, with the exception being hens, where the resident is allowed four. Roosters are not compliant.

Those non-compliant animals can be grandfathered in by filing a non-compliance form and posting it on your property.

Council did not have the second reading on the new animal ordinance on Tuesday, instead asking council to look at the ordinance and iron out their questions before the next meeting on Feb. 3.

In other matters:

— Council voted to approve the resignation of Connor Bailey, a part-time police officer who got a full-time job elsewhere. Councilman Jim Wilson commented that Bailey “is welcome back anytime, he is a great cop.”

— Adams forwarded six dilapidated properties for consideration to the county land bank, which has begun the process for possible foreclosure on them.

— Council discussed their concerns about Ralph Ross, the streets employee who gave them a written excuse after missing work reportedly for health reasons.



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