Parking lot concerns addressed

NEW CUMBERLAND, W.Va. — Superintendent Dawn Petrovich gave an update on the transportation department’s parking lot at Monday’s board of education meeting. At the last meeting a district bus driver attended to ask the board about the rear parking lot of the bus garage. One of the bus drivers had fallen in the lot and is off on workers compensation due to an injury.

Petrovich announced the district did not budget for repairs to the lot for this year. She reported the last time the project was looked into was a year and a half ago. At that time to repair the drain and pave the lot it would cost the district approximately $350,000.

Michelle Chappell, board president, asked if there were discretionary funds to put towards the project. Joe Campinelli, chief financial officer, said the options are to use carry over money or to shift funds from another item towards the repairs.

“Pretty much take a look at the budget right now, every year we need to cut something out of the budget if we want to put it over there. When it comes time for that in March or April was can take a look at it, but those types of things, paving and concrete, if we have to cut, it’s normally the first things we cut because those have the least amount of impact on the kids,” Campinelli said.

Campinelli added that he will add it to the wish list of things to get to, but he is unsure of where the funding will come from, especially with state funding decreasing as the district’s enrollment numbers drop.

“We also want to be cognitive of our staff, and their safety and security as well. I know, it’s of course on top of the everyone’s mind, to make sure our staff is safe as well, so maybe that can be something for our whole group,” Chappell said.

Andrea Mercer, a district bus driver, spoke during the meeting to express additional concerns about the status of the lot. She said maintenance had been out to help the lot, and reported more stone were added. Mark Dziatkowicz, school district maintenance director, confirmed additional stones were added. Mercer was concerned that the stones are adding to the safety hazard instead of fixing it.

Chappell requested Mercer express her concerns to the leadership and have it discussed at another board meeting.

In other action, the board:

— Dan Enich, JDR IV Career Center director, awarded JDR IV Career Center PRO officer Tim Raines, with a certificate of recognition for outstanding work efforts from the American Heart Association and the district. Raines is a certified American Heart Association instructor for CPR and first aid, and his goal is to get every student at the career center first aid and CPR certified. Enich obtained funding to provide the students with the training, it will cost the district five dollars per student to provide them with the American Heart Association certification card.

— Approved December’s child nutrition report, the board noted an increase in the use of the free meals program in the district.

— Approved leave of absences for Ila Hanlon, and Kenneth R. Gunn.

— Approved unpaid days for George Rowland.

— Approved the transfer of Ashley N. Rankle from countywide substitute aide to supervisory aide III Weirton Elementary School, seven hours per day for 200 days, to fill a leave of absence.

— Approved Tyler C. Hamilton as a countywide substitute aide, pending favorable fingerprints.

— Approved the list of county bills.

— Approved the Oak Glen Wrestling team’s request for two overnight field trips for tournaments.

— Approved the surplus properties of two LCD monitors, three computers, one printer, 20 projectors, one Doc Camera at Oak Glen Middle School; seven projectors, one monitor, two desktops, three laptops, one keyboard, and one speaker at Oak Glen High School; seven projectors, three desktops and one laptop at Allison Elementary; 100 old iPads from old elementary schools, three LDC monitors, one NEC U300X projector, two old Daktech laptops, and three old Daktech desktops at Weirton Elementary; 20 smart projectors, 10 old desktops, three LCD monitors, one HP Scanner, 25 Acer Netbooks, four printers, one network switch, one DVR camera system, two 1242 Cisci Access Points, and three laptops at Weir High School.



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