Lisbon gets emergency funding

LISBON — The village has been given emergency funding to fix the major sewer line break at the intersection of Saltwell Road and North Market Street.

Village council met in special session Monday night to formally accept a $92,659 emergency grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission to go toward the $110,115 cost of fixing the break. The grant is to cover 84 percent of the repairs, with the village contributing the rest.

Village Board of Public Affairs member Bill Hoover signed the letter accepting the grant, and he said there are still some other procedural things Lisbon must do before it can receive the money, but officials expect the work to begin in about two weeks.

Pusateri Excavating, which submitted a quote of $96,315, is being hired by the village do the work. The village still owes Dailey Excavating $14,800 for temporary repairs, bringing the total cost to $110,115.

The problem began about five weeks ago when a waterline break washed away the dirt around the sewer line. This resulted in a 30- to 40-foot section of ground to collapse onto the sewer line, breaking it and causing the sewage to fill the hole. Family Septic was paid $21,600 to pump it out to prevent the the accumulating sewage from overflowing and backing up into nearby businesses. The company is owed another $6,000.

To save money, the village began pumping the sewage to a nearby manhole via a temporary discharge line placed on the roadway until they were able to come up with the funding to fix the problem. The sewer department ended 2019 with a $48,000 balance.

Hoover thanked senior water plant operator Chris Peterson, the BPA’s de facto utilities director, and village fiscal officer Tracey Wonner for taking the lead in filling out the the grant paperwork. He also thanked county Engineer Bert Dawson, who recommended the village seek emergency help from the state and advised them how to go about it.



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