Gittings seeks HC Sheriff

Scott Gittings is running for Hancock County Sheriff. He has 40 years of law enforcement experience, including 23 years with the sheriff’s office. Gittings worked with the New Cumberland Police Department for 12 years, three of which he served as Chief of Police. Currently, Gittings is the Deputy Chief at the Chester Police Department, he has been in that position since his 2015 retirement from the sheriff’s office.

In a press release, Gittings said, “One of the many problems facing our community is the same that faces all communities: the opioid problem and other dangerous drugs. I want to tackle this with different and new ways combined with some of the current efforts. During my appointment serving this county as a Deputy Sheriff, there was a pride in being a Deputy Sheriff, not just me but everyone in that position. It seems that pride is not there and morale is low for whatever reason. I want to restore that pride and improve morale for all that work in the sheriff’s office. This will bring a more positive attitude to the members of the sheriff’s office and in turn, will bring more positive interaction with the community. Another focus will be school security. Good strides have been made in this area, I feel there is more room for improvement in protecting our greatest assets, our children. These are just a few goals that I want to work on as Sheriff.”

More information can be found on the Scott Gittings for Sheriff Facebook page and website gittingsforsheriff.com.