Fire chief seeks updates during trustee’s meeting

CALCUTTA –Fire Chief Dave McCoy asked the trustees for updates at Saturday’s Saint Clair Township meeting. McCoy started his Calcutta Volunteer Fire Department report by asking about the bend on Bell School Road. He reported it is a hard turn to make in a fire truck. McCoy also said they have been lucky for the last three years since increasing traffic due to the new Beaver Local School building. He would like to see something done to make the bend safer. He suggested filling in the ditch and adding a curb.

Chairman Robert Swickard said the county engineers have looked at the road and will provide a recommendation, and the trustees will look into options.

McCoy also asked if they received an answer about installing sensors in the traffic lights to start blinking when emergency vehicles are nearby with their sirens on. He said the traffic lights are compatible with the sensors.

Swickard said they are not sure if the state will let them install the sensor in the lights on state roads, but they will ask about it while they are in Columbus for conferences.

McCoy also announced the fire department is getting ready for the yearly fish fry to raise money for the Memorial Day fireworks. Swickard, told McCoy he will need to sign a contract with the fireworks company for the show.

In other business, the trustees:

— Approved a memorandum of understanding with the Beaver Local School District to supply a full-time resource office. The officer will be employed by the township police department, with the school district paying for the officer when working in the school. During non-school hours this officer will be scheduled to work for the police department at the chief’s discretion.

— A resident attend to update the trustees about the littering problem near his home. He said he collected five fewer bags of trash this past year, but he would like to see the problem addressed further and recommend putting signs up with the littering fine. The trustees said they will look into sign grants.

— A resident and member of the Lions Club, thanked Police Chief Brian McKenzie for his presentation at a recent Lions Club meeting.

— Approved bills totaling $63,526.

— Approved Township Highway System Mileage Certification of approximately 71 miles.

— Approved travel expenses for township employees for upcoming conferences.

— Announced the Census is looking for Census takers for the township.

— Announced they are still looking for people for the zoning board. Vice Chairman James Sabatini wants to stress only one of the six precincts is looking for zoning, and they were petitioned to start the process of zoning that one precinct.

— Announced they have looked into the issue of junk vehicles, the trustees will continue looking into the issue, but without zoning there is not much they can do.

— Trustee Jordan Williams announced he has met with the tourism bureau to discuss community parks, and he is looking into ways to better communicate with residents.

— Sabatini, wanted to remind residents that he is available to talk about township roads. He also said the Buckeye Water District water line phase two in the township should be starting soon.

— Announced the administration building will be closed on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.



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