School board gets data presentation on student achievement

Garfield Elementary Principal Lisa Ferguson poses with fourth grade students that were presented with Best of the Best Awards for achieving the highest third grade state test scores in the district. Austin Dotson (left), awarded for the highest score in Math and Landon Rubel, awarded for the highest score in Language Arts. (Photo by Julie Riedel)

WELLSVILLE –School Curriculum Director Alaina Kilpatrick gave a data driven presentation to the school board at Monday’s meeting. Kilpatrick collected student test scores and other academic data points to present overall student achievement to the board members.

“We need to be a data driven school district because of the school improvement process, but beyond that, data driven schools tend to be the ones that succeed the best weather or not there is school improvement,” said Kilpatrick. “Data driven, puts a focus on the areas of weakness that a school district may have, but it also points out the growth that’s been made, which is really important in our district.”

Kilpatrick explained the types of state tests students take, when the tests occur and why the tests are taken. She also used the data from test scores, school programs and the state report card to analyze where the school district stands in the school improvement process.

Kilpatrick works with the teachers to analyze the data collected and to find strategies to help the district improve the learning process for students. Every student from kindergarten through tenth grade has a learning track, which helps to tailor the student’s education, and those tracks are determined by the data collected. Once students hit eleventh and twelfth grade the tracks switch to a program that prepares students for college and or the workforce.

“Data speaks the truth, it doesn’t lie, you can make all the excuses in the world and we’re all guilty,” said Kilpatrick. “And social economics do play a part, but when a child comes to you, that’s the best version they have of themselves that day. That’s what you’re going to get, so you can only work with what you’ve been given and the data will help you drive what you do.”

During the presentation she said there are between 45 and 55 students identified as gifted in the district. Students receive their gifted status based off data collected from second and fifth grade, and once identified as gifted they maintain that status. Kilpatrick is also responsible for the gifted students and helps teachers make appropriate curriculum for those students.

“I thank the board for allowing us to hire Alaina Kilpatrick full time, I think you’ll see the results, I think you saw some of the work that she’s doing as we speak,” said Superintendent Richard Bereschik.

In other action, the board:

— Garfield Elementary Principal Lisa Ferguson awarded the Best of the Best Awards to now fourth grade students Austin Dotson for receiving a 791 math score and Landon Rubel for receiving a 828 language arts score, making them the highest scoring students on their third grade state tests.

— Nominated Ed Bauer to serve as the president of the Pro-Tem for the organizational meeting.

— Approved 6 p.m. on Jan. 13 for the budget hearing with the board’s organizational meeting with a regular board meeting following.

— Recognized the Wellsville High School Band Boosters for the 2019-2020 school year.

— Approved Walter/Haverfield LLC and Bricker and Eckler LLP for legal services as needed in matters pertaining to Wellsville Local Schools, two firms were selected to cover special cases and conflicts of interest within a firm.

— Approved the resignation of Jonathan Kinkead as girl’s ninth grade basketball coach.

— Approved the correction of placing Tim Sarge Sr. on the fifth payment tear as a wrestling coach instead of the third step as he was originally hired as at the Nov. 18 meeting.

— Approved the field trip request to PNC Park on May 13 for Wellsville High School Student Council members.

— Approved 20 NEOLA Policies. The board added a use of tobacco by administrators and small unmanned aircraft system policies, with the 18 others being revisions.

— Approved the establishment of an indoor track program for the district. Indoor track is not an Ohio High School Athletic Association recognized sport, but the district thought it would be a good program to let students participate in.

— Approved the establishment of an Entrepreneurship Tiger Corner Club for the junior and senior high school. It will be a small school store for students to get school merchandise.

— The board members wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. They also congratulated Wellsville alumni Justin Wright on having the chance to compete in the Big Ten with Iowa State.

The next meeting the budget hearing and organizational meeting at 6 p.m. with the regular meeting at 6:30 on January 13.

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