Yellow Creek: Initial road repairs complete

WELLSVILLE–The Yellow Creek trustees met Tuesday evening and announced the township has completed initial repairs on Sixteen School Road.

The township received $182,000 from Buckeye Water and South Field Energy for damage caused by the South Field Energy plant water line.

To repair the road the township dug up 14 spots to fill in with gravel. Trustee Mark Allison reported they dug down approximately two feet in those spots. They also paved Sixteen School Road from state Route 39 to Irondale Road. The other section was scratch coat paved and it will be blacktopped next year after the township receives Ohio Public Works Issue Two money.

Trustee Ken Biacco thanked everyone involved for helping with the repairs, and he specifically thanked Trustee Allison and Noah Allison, the owners of Allison Construction, for planning the repairs and donating their time to complete them.

The project took two days and 14 people worked on the repairs. The crew included R and R Paving, township employees, and Allison Construction. R and R Paving and Allison Construction donated their time to complete the project.

Trustee Allison said Allison Construction is busy but they still donate time to help their community.

Biacco also thanked Sixteen School Road resident Chuck Crews for helping with the repairs.

In other business, the trustees:

— Biacco asked for a moment of silence in honor of Veterans Day.

— Biacco thanked voters for their support and for re-electing him, Fiscal Officer Deborah Lyle and renewing the road equipment levy.

— Approved the bid of $6,000 from Harry Pitts, of Milltree Properties in Vienna Ohio, for the 1997 International truck and plow.

— Announced the Ohio Department of Transportation has put the “Welcome to Yellow Creek” road signs up.

— Announced they hired Charles Bogart to fill the township’s foreman position after the previous foreman resigned.

— Announced the Ohio EPA will be removing the tires from the Taggart Hill property this month.

— Announced the township also repaired East Terrace and West Terrace roads.

— A resident thanked the politicians for removing election signs within two day after the election.

— A resident complemented township employee Aaron Ice for his work ethic and his good work on township properties.

The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Nov. 26.



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