No Shave November draws local police support

St. Clair Township Senior Patrolman James Briggs, police detectives Greg Smith and Chris Davis as well as administrative assistant Herman Potts display their respective facial hair that they have accumulated during No Shave November. The department is one of three in the 43920 zip code that will donate whatever money they typically spend on shaving and grooming to fight cancer. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)

If encountering a police officer in one of three departments that serve the 43920 zip code, one will notice that they may look a little rough around the edges.

Officers at both Liverpool and St. Clair townships and the city of East Liverpool are all participating in No Shave November, which serves to grow awareness by embracing their hair, which many cancer patients lose, by letting it grow wild and free.

According to the No Shave November official website, participants typically donate whatever money they typically spend on shaving and grooming to a good cause, such as cancer prevention or those fighting cancer.

In St. Clair Township, its 15 officers will raise $100 each to benefit Diana Aldridge, who is the co-owner of the Sweet Deli and currently battling cancer.

Herman Potts, who is the police department’s administrative assistant, explains that an anonymous benefactor will match that expected $1,500 dollar for dollar, which will be given along with T-shirt sales to Aldridge. The department still has a healthy supply of the $20 T-shirts, which bear the logos for sponsors Been There Cut That, Ozzy’s Towing Service, F&V Fireworks, First Class Towing and the department’s Fraternal Order of Police lodge.

Last year, St. Clair Township police raised $3,095 for Lori Lane, the wife of East Liverpool Police Chief John Lane who recently lost her battle with the disease.

Chief Lane’s department in East Liverpool has its own effort going. For the third year, East Liverpool will have the bulk of their officers participating in the fundraiser, no doubt having varying bearded success. “The younger guys tend to take longer to grow a beard, while others grow beards like grizzly bears,” he explained.

While Police Chief Lane of East Liverpool has chosen to keep his clean shaven look, St. Clair Township police chief Brian McKenzie and Liverpool Township police chief Jayson Jackson are taking a different approach.

Jackson, like McKenzie, will don the beard during the month of November in the hopes of inspiring his officers to raise money for the ELPD’s Cops and Kids program in the memory of Lori Lane. “We will have five officers participating,” adding that he isn’t going to ask the department’s female officer to grow facial hair for the occasion.

He notes that they are still looking to add sponsors to the initial $200 donated by the Liverpool Township Patrolmen’s Association kickoff money. For more information on contributing, contact Jackson at 330-385-1630.

Ohio Beard Company co-owner Jason Ewing stresses the importance of using beard oil if one, like Jackson and McKenzie, elect to rock the facial hair. Advocating use of their grooming products, the East Liverpool High School alumnus started the company last year in conjunction with his classmate Cody Francis.

This will be their online operation’s first No Shave November, Ewing explains.

“A healthy beard is a happy beard,” he said, crediting beard oils for providing the nourishment needed to get the hair healthy and prevent facial hair from drying out and splitting. “It will also strengthen the hair follicles, keeping them strong.”

The product line, which is found on their website at www.ohiobeardcompany.com, has the same base oils as ingredients; however, select essential oils are added to the formula to provide the various scents.

He notes, “The same ingredients in our beard oil that keeps hair healthy will keep the skin healthy too. As your beard gets longer, the hair will actually draw the natural face oil away from the skin, making the beard oil the perfect way to replenish it.”

Francis, who fancied his facial hair, kept trying to talk a cleanshaven Ewing into growing a beard, Ewing revealed. He finally stopped shaving in November 2017, but eventually Ewing found the beard itchy as “beard-ruff” set in.

It was after trying beard oil and beginning to market the product line in December that Ohio Beard Company was born.

“There is a phase between stubble and the more coarse hair. Around four to five weeks, (the hair) starts softening up,” he explained. “Beard oil should be used at least once particularly after a warm shower, because the pores are open and some facial cleansers can be harmful on your skin.”

“Once you establish a beard care routine, you need to stick to it,” Ewing concluded, adding that combing the beard when it reaches a certain length does help to distribute the beard oil as well as “train it” when it is growing.

During No Shave November, the Ohio Beard Company is contributing 10 percent of its sales to Cleveland Clinic Men’s Health effort. For more information, follow them on either Facebook or Instagram.


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