BWD done with paying for road work


WELLSVILLE –The Buckeye Water District says it is done paying for any additional repairs to a Yellow Creek Township road.

BWD attorney Fred Emmerling reported at Thursday’s board meeting they received letter from Rudzik Excavating seeking payment for some additional manhole work it has been requested to do on Sixteen School Road in Yellow Creek Township as part of the South Field Energy electric plant project. The BWD, which is selling water to South Field, also agreed to install a water discharge line for the project and hired Rudzik to do the work

The letter indicated township trustees are displeased with the elevation of three manhole lids. “Unfortunately, there are three that still need lowered,” and that would involve swapping out 7-inch manhole frames for 4-inch frames, according to the letter, which closed by saying Rudzik intends to bill the BWD for the work.

The letter comes three weeks after the BWD and the trustees approved an agreement for repair of the road, with the BWD paying the township $182,000 to cover any outstanding issues, which included $4,000 contributed by South Field.

Emmerling said he helped draft a reply letter advising Rudzik this dispute is between them and the trustees. BWD Board President Mike Ryan agreed. “We gave them $182,000 … We’re not going to give them anymore,” he said.

In other business, two St. Clair Township residents behind the push to extend water service along Old Fredericktown Road attended the meeting to express their thanks.

Mike Diloreto and David Tobin said they were not only grateful but offered to help the BWD in any way if needed during the second phase of the project, which is to get underway in the spring.

Diloreto reminded the board he and other residents first approached them in 2017 about extending the main trunk line on Old Fredericktown Road from Ruby Drive to the Frederick Heights housing subdivision, and two years later the first phase of the project has been completed. The project also picked up Diloreto’s 18-lot housing subdivision along the way.

“I just want to thank you guys for the hard work you’ve done out there,” he told them.

Diloreto was pleased with the work done by the contractor, Yarian Brothers. “I didn’t hear one complaint about the dirt or the roads,” he said.

“I’m with you. I think they really did a nice job,” Ryan said.

The second phase of the project consists of running secondary lines into Frederick Heights subdivision, where about 100 of the 120 homes to be served are located.

Tobin worked with Diloreto in obtaining residential support for the project. Before the BWD would commit it needed a certain number of residents to sign up to make the project affordable.

The board also voted to enter into a lease with a division of Verizon to erect a cellphone tower at the BWD storage tank site on Oakmont Avenue in St. Clair Township. The lease is initially for one year, with an option to renew for five years. The monthly lease payment is $880.



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