Beaver also seeks St. Clair trustee seat

Katheryn Beaver

Editor’s note: Submitted material from St. Clair Township Trustees’ candidate Katheryn Beaver was inadvertently omitted from a pre-election story appearing in an earlier edition of The Review.

CALCUTTA — Unlike most candidates in politics, Katheryn Beaver explains there is no particular issue driving her run for St. Clair Township trustee.

“I didn’t decide to run for office for any issue I have with the trustees or how they are managing the township. I ran for trustee, simply to help my community,” she said.

An employee of two decades for Beaver Local schools, Beaver currently is employed as a middle school math teacher and is a volunteer firefighter for the township. That isn’t to say, she doesn’t see improvements that could be made.

“I’d like to work with the road department and get them more resources, equipment and personnel. They do a great job. (Just) imagine if they had more resources what they can do. We have a little more than 70 miles of road to care for,” the 1992 Wellsville High School alumna explained, adding that she sees the increase in gas taxes as enabling them more money to work with. “Any increase in tax money will help with the many road projects we already have on the list as well as adding improvements that could not be possible (without this money).”

Flooding and drainage issues have been at the forefront of resident concerns, but repairs cannot always be made – especially if the issue is associated with private property. “The road department checks each resident’s flooding and drainage issues personally. The law states that a township may not make repairs to any personal property and any repairs must be on the township right of way. The residents look to the township for help, and often the township’s hands are tied due to rules and regulations.”

She also wants to see updated technology for First Responders, touting her experience in grant writing; meeting times changed from mornings to 7 p.m. for more constituent participation opportunities; and creation of neighborhood playground areas. Beaver is one of five candidates seeking the seat currently held by James Hall, who declined to seek re-election. The race also includes Doug Blaner, Greg Hall, Kenneth Olmstead and Jordan Williams.


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