Hancock County Oldtime Fair 2019

Deputy Pat Hoder being attacked by K-9 Kevin in an apprehension demonstration.
Oldtime Fair Tractor Games participates waiting for the next game, from left, Russell Geer, Steve Wright, and Garrett Geer, 17. (Photo by Julie Riedel)
People admiring this year’s Oldtime County Fair car show, which had approximately 60 vehicles entered, setting a participation record. (Photo by Julie Riedel)
Children waiting to pet K-9 Brando.

The Hancock County Sheriff Department held K-9 demonstrations on both Saturday and Sunday at the Oldtime Fair. During the demonstrations, two of the four K-9 units showed off the skills the dogs use every day in the field which include tracking, narcotics search, officer protection and apprehension. Each K-9 costs the Sheriff’s department between $13,000 and $14,000 on top of the approximate $21,000 to outfit a vehicle with the technology for a K-9. On Sunday Deputy Dante Dijirolanio with K-9 Kevin and Pat Hoder with K-9 Brando performed the demonstrations. Sergeant Scott Little, who is in charge of the K-9 unit explained to the crowd what the deputies were doing while also answering questions. Pictured

, Hancock County Sergeant Scott Little talking to the crowd about the K-9 demonstrations, with Deputy Dijirolanio and K-9 Kevin in the back waiting to demonstrate. (Photo by Julie Riedel)