Stadium project on track

WELLSVILLE–During Monday’s Wellsville Board of Education Meeting Superintendent Richard Bereschik announced the Nicholson Stadium Project is on track.

“We meet with the architects, AstroTurfCorp and ESS on a weekly basis. We had a meeting today and we are on track,” said Bereschik. “I fully expect us to be playing our first game at the stadium. The only thing that may not be complete is the rubber on the track.”

Bereschik reported that the drainage system is close to being done, a curb needs to be put around the entire project and they approved the turf during this week’s meeting.

“It’s good to hear the field is on track,” said board member, Gary Althiser. “I’ve had a lot of questions about that. I think people just see the dirt and that the fence is down and think ‘man, it’s got a long way to go,’ but as far as I know once the drainage system is done everything will fly.”

In other actions the board:

–Motioned to approve the appropriation additions, modifications and the treasurer’s report. These modifications include total revenue of $834,118 and total expenditure of $709,293, and an ending balance of $4,146,810 for the month of June.

–Board member Rick Salsberry announced the building project for the new rooms for the nursing program at the Columbiana County Career & Technical Center is moving along nicely. The last of the new hires will be made tomorrow and school starts up for the career and technical center next month.

–Announced the high school boiler project started last Wednesday.

–Bereschik also announced there will be new curriculum this year. The recently hired curriculum consultant has been updating the curriculum and will be keeping track of the schools academic data.

–Approved mentors for the district’s three new entry-year teachers. The state requires new teachers receive a mentor, Wellsville has assigned each of the district’s new teachers a mentor within their subject area. Nicole Camilletti will be mentoring Leah Prescott the new business and computers teacher; Aaron Bunfill will be mentoring Lindsay Clifton the new music teacher; and Christa McIntosh will be mentoring Levi Kunselman the new math teacher.

–Passed the first reading of the revision of Neola policy 6325, which outlines the school district’s procurement of supplies, materials, equipment and services paid for from Federal funds or district matching funds.

–Approved the building handbooks for Wellsville Junior/Senior High School, Garfield Elementary, and Daw Elementary.

–Approved the field trip to Kennywood Park for the Daw Elementary students who passed all areas of the state testing on August 20. The trip will be chaperoned by Daw Elementary staff members and Principal Richard Prescott.

–Approved a contract with Pizza Hut to provide the school cafeteria with pizza twice a month starting in Sept. of 2019 through June 2020.

–Approved Daisy Davidson as the volunteer varsity volleyball coach.

–Althiser announced that for the second year in a row Wellsville will be providing all students with all the school supplies they will need for the year.

–Wellsville School District will be hosting the Fall Bash on Aug. 15 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.