Shelby Mustangs on display

COLUMBIANA — Team Shelby and the Shelby American Automobile Club travel all over the world each year, and on Thursday a group of them descended on the Columbiana Ford dealership on South Avenue to display more than 50 different Shelby Mustang vehicles.

“The automotive community is just awesome. It’s such a great way to bring people together. It really connects people from all generations, all makes and models, all demographics,” Tracey Smith, Team Shelby International director and Shelby International executive vice-president, said.

Team Shelby and the Shelby American Automobile Club made the visit to Columbiana in between their annual convention in Pittsburgh for the East Coast Nationals. Last year’s convention was held in California. Team Shelby only recently returned from an event in Le Mans, France, and will head to Seattle, Wash. next week.

Team Shelby is a worldwide club launched in 2008 by Carroll Shelby and Shelby International, Smith said.

“This is great here in Pennsylvania this year. We are having a great time out there,” Smith said.

Both old and new models of Shelby Mustangs were on display at the Columbiana Ford dealership in Thursday as part of an event for Team Shelby and the Shelby American Automobile Club, which were in the area for the East Coast Nationals in Pittsburgh. (Photo by Katie White)

Members had the option to participate in track racing at the Summit Point Race Track or the Team Shelby cruise. A visit was also made to the Snyder Classic Car Museum.

As for Columbiana, Smith said, “It’s always fantastic to be in these communities. We particularly love this area and it’s really beautiful.”

Team Shelby was invited to visit Columbiana Ford to showcase the various Mustang models, and were treated to a lunch provided by the dealership.

Smith said that Shelby has a very close relationship with the Ford Motor Company and with the dealers as well.

Tiffin Poulton-Smith, marketing director for Columbiana Ford, said the dealership was pleased to host the local event for the first time, and that it is just another way the dealership is promoting more community involvement.

“When can you come to a store and see 50 different Shelbys?” she said.

While all of the Team Shelby vehicles were on display only, Columbiana Ford did have one 2019 Shelby Mustang GT 350 for sale on its lot.

Smith said there are no requirements to become a Team Shelby member, and you don’t even have to own a Shelby vehicle. There is a free membership option, or a paid option. More information can be found on TeamShelby.com or on Facebook under the Team Shelby Club — Official Group.

“We always say the same thing, and that is that the only thing that is required is enthusiasm and passion,” Smith said of club membership.