Planning office offers tips to stay compliant with city regulations

EAST LIVERPOOL — Now that the City of East Liverpool’s planning office is fully staffed, Director Kayla Crowl said that their mission is to see the city reach its full potential by enforcing the regulations currently on the books.

She reminds individuals that various permits may be needed before the start of home improvements, so call her office at 330-385-5394 for information.

Applications and permits for both zoning and building are available through her office, as well as permits for demolition and yard sales and licenses for both contractors and rental properties.

While with the recent rains, high grass and weeds was a concern, she said that instead of having officials from her office having to tell someone that he didn’t meet setback requirements when installing a prefabricated shed, she would prefer the office be notified before work is done. “It is easy enough to ask rather than backpedaling after the fact,” Crowl said.

Crowl adds that more than 1,000 units are available for rent in the city, and landlords pay an annual fee to have the unit inspected and registered.

She encourages property owners to take pride in their properties and reminded that her office is phasing out rental reminder cards.

Other tips Crowl gives residents:

— Make sure any contractor you hire is registered in the city of East Liverpool.

— House numbers should measure two and a fourth inches by five inches to assure they are readable from the street, and first responders can easily locate your property in the case of an emergency.

–Swimming pools that exceed 12 feet in diameter must be 10 feet from any property line and located in the rear unless the Board of Zoning Appeals approves a different location. These pools also must be surrounded by a five foot high fence with a locking gate.

— For information about either bulk pickup or claw truck services, call 330-386-6584 or 330-385-3381 at least 24 hours in advance.


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