Nuisance properties return to council

WELLSVILLE–During Tuesday’s meeting the council’s main focus was on managing nuisance properties.

“There’s so many properties in town that really need attention,” Village Administration Jarrod Grimm said, “It’s a never ending process with letter after letter and knocking on doors…I do want to thank the folks that do step up and get it taken care of after we talk to them. It makes you feel like there is an end in sight and that people are responding.”

Council member Karen Dash has given Fire Chief Berry Podwell the addresses to six additional properties that she suspects will violate the ordinances the council passed earlier this year regarding property upkeep. She has requested Chief Podwell perform inspections on these properties and to cite the owners appropriately to have these issues addressed.

“A lot of the homes in the village do need some attention, most of them are unoccupied, bank or mortgage company [owned]” said Dash. “We try to contact the mortgage company and the banks to get them to cut the grass, but it’s pretty much futile.”

Dash also announced the land bank has demolished six properties within the village, and are currently working on one with one more to do. Mayor Nancy Murray reported the land bank has acquired two additional properties in the village to tear down.

The Village has been citing nuisance properties and summoning owners to court. The owners have 30 days after appearing in front of the magistrate to fix the properties before they begin receiving fines. No one has been fined based off the new ordinances, because no one has had 30 days after their last court appearance.

The council is also considering options that let the village manage these properties in the most cost efficient way.

In other actions council:

–Approved an invoice worth $2,261. It was composed of a $229 to 84 Lumber for concrete for the cemetery; $85 to AB Security for professional and technical services; $81 to Calcutta Ace Hardware for a utility pump and hose connect; $97 to Carquest for heater hose, fuel treatment and oil treatment for F-550; $49 to Carquest for coolant for F-550; $99 to Carquest for spark plugs and other vehicle maintenance for street department vehicle; $120 to ESO for fire incident reporting module; $360 to Heaton’s for four tires for a Bronco; $121 to Milligan’s for bolts for the lawn mower and parts to repair the restroom at the police department; $198 to PHS Products for gloves for the police department; $175 to Sherwin Williams for paint and supplies for the police department; $443 to Sirchie for evidence supplies; and $201 to Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department for reimbursement for cleaning supplies for the fire department.

–Passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute an agreement for a temporary work space between Columbia Gas Transmission LLC and the Village of Wellsville. In the agreement Columbia Gas Transmission LLC can use certain pieces of village property while working on the pipe replacement project.

–Passed a resolution for the continuous tax levy Fire Chief Podwell requested. The resolution allows the levy to go to the county auditor to certify certain tax valuation information in anticipation of levying a tax in excess of the 10 mill limitations. Podwell requested a six mill truck/ operation levy be placed on the November ballot. He wants to replace the two current fire engines with a leased ladder truck which would cost the village approximated $62,400 each year for the next 15 years.

–Approved the hiring of both Zachary Moore as a dispatcher and Ashton Weekly as a volunteer pay call out person at the fire department.

–A resident attended the meeting to complain about the tall grass near her residency on Commerce Street.

–A resident attended to ask council questions concerning the tentative schedule of road repairs in Wellsville with the revenue the village will receive from the new gas tax, how the new piece of equipment for the cemetery was working and why there are stop signs on Main Street. The resident was told there is a tentative schedule for which roads will be repaired, the new piece of equipment for the cemetery has not been used because the front bucket was on backorder, but they have it now and are ready to use it, and that Murray thought the stop signs were one of the better solutions and would give drivers the chance to notice if the building was crumbling.

–Grimm announced they have a part time job with the city open and will be making a posting for that position.

–Council member John Morrow announced on July 25 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. there will be a voter registration drive for Columbiana County residents in the Wellsville Village Hall.

–The next council meeting will be August 6 at 6 p.m.



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