47 Children entered the Stuffed animal contest at East Liverpool Carnegie Public Library. 11 winners were selected in the following categories: Largest, Smallest, Most Huggable, Scariest, Sportiest, Hairiest, Most Colorful, Coolest Sound, Best Dressed, Most Loved, Judges' Choice. Pictured above, is Allison Balser with her most huggable award. (Submitted photo)
Dawn Mason holds her grandson Rowan Mason, who is 11 months old and entered in Friday’s annual baby contest at the 51st annual Tri-State Pottery Festival. He was accompanied by his own posse of grandparents to cheer him on. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)
Snow Mason, age 18 months, looked like a pastel rainbow with pops of green in her selection for Friday’s annual baby contest at the 51st annual Tri-State Pottery Festival. She was there with her mother, Alexandria Mason (not pictured) of Wellsville. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)
Doug Chevalier and Sam Johnson take a break from working on securing the canopy about the Destiny House Church’s space, so they and the Merge Youth stay dry during 51st Annual Tri-State Pottery Festival. The gusty wind and threatening skies as storm clouds threatened the festivities most of the early evening but appeared to clear up some after 6 p.m. . The groups, who were on a donation for keeping the festival site clean and tidy, were stationed in a nearby Kent State University parking lot also with other entities that included jewelry vendors and political candidates during the 51st Annual Tri-State Pottery Festival, which runs through Saturday night. (Photo by Stephanie Ujhelyi)