Protection order now sought against Liverpool official

LISBON — One of the people named in a civil protection order filed by East Liverpool Service-Safety Director Brian Allen has now filed a request for a civil protection order against him.

Mary Sears, Ceramic Street, East Liverpool, requested the protection order on Wednesday in Common Pleas Court.

In the court document, Sears claims Allen came to her home and she has a video of him, where he threatened to “knock my brother’s head off.” Sears lists two men as her brothers, Joe Sears and William Jackson, and requests the protection order also apply to them against Allen.

Additionally, Mary Sears claims Allen or his employees have been coming over to their house about every two weeks to every month. Sears said when the come they conversation ends with “them telling us to do one thing or another.” Sears said when they get one problem fixed, Allen or his employees come up with a new one.

Finally, Sears said the city service director had her nephew’s truck towed, believing it was Joe Sears’ truck, but then the truck was returned free of charge.

The request for a civil protection order by Sears will be heard on Thursday, June 20, before Magistrate Lynsey Lyle-Opalenik, which is the same day and time scheduled for the civil protection order request filed by Allen.

Allen had filed the request last week, claiming Joseph and Mary Sears threatened him when he served them with a citation, letting Allen know they know where he lives and would come and find him after work.


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