Camper, animal issues topics at Salineville council

SALINEVILLE — A Village Council committee is working on legislation regulating the use of RVs and restricting what animals can be kept in town.

The issue was raised at this week’s meeting, with Mayor Linda Adams saying she would like both pieces of legislation ready for council to vote on as soon as possible.

“I think we need to get these camper and animal (issues) addressed before the end of summer,” she said.

Adams said people are living in RVs and campers parked on properties with homes or using them for storage, while other residents have farm animals.

“Hopefully, we’re trying to be proactive before it becomes a problem,” she said.

An ad hoc committee consisting of council members Sally Keating and Jim Wilson met the week before to discuss the RV legislation. Keating reported they want the regulations to prohibit RVs from being used as permanent domiciles or for storage on residential properties, and the RVs could not block the road or any view of the road.

She did not indicate whether they have begun working on farm animal regulations.

At Adams’ urging, Keating and Wilson will meet again at 10 a.m. Friday to continue their discussions, including on proposed farm animal legislation. They are to be joined by Councilwoman Nancy Needham.

In related news, Wilson asked Police Chief Matt Devlin if he had visited Lincoln Street, where there was a problem with campers, pot-bellied pigs, ducks and chickens. Devlin said he addressed the problem but did not elaborate.

In other business, council agreed to undertake two projects, one to solve problems with a bridge and the other to correct drainage issues.

The first is the purchase of two 20-foot sections of 60-inch pipe from a mining operation just out of the village at a cost of $40 per section, which officials indicated is half the going price. The piping will be installed on Beadnell Road to hopefully reduce stress on the wooden bridge and the need to replace the planks so frequently.

Council also agreed to correct the stormwater drainage problem in the area of the Assembly of God by installing larger catch basins at the base of a nearby alley and another at the corner of Washington and Jefferson streets, and connecting them with 125-feet of new pipe. The project is expected to cost $2,000.

Adams also announced it was time to schedule a meeting with Mike Lynn, the village’s representative on the Buckeye Water District, which supplies water to the village. Officials meet with Lynn periodically to discuss any issues that come up.