Salineville discusses next step in sewer rates change

SALINEVILLE — Council held a second reading Monday on proposed change of sewer rates in the village. The final reading is scheduled for the next council meeting scheduled for June 3.

The new rates, if approved, will increase the price of the first 2,000 gallons to $27.50 in August 2019, $28.75 in August 2020 and $30 in August 2021. There will be no increase to the rate for additional gallons past the initial 2,000. It will remain $6 per each additional 1,000 gallons.

Additionally, the ordinance states council will apportion 50 cents of the first increase, 25 cents of the second increase and another 25 centers of the third increase toward improvements for the stormwater system. So in total, council would raise the sewer rates by $5 incrementally over three years with $1 of the increase going toward progress of eliminating the stormwater from the sewer system.

Information about the anticipated sewer rate change went out to village residents in a notice in their sewer bills in May.

In other matters:

— Police Chief Matthew Devlin reported he had checked on the price of three-quarter ton pickups as requested by council. The pickup would be used by the street department. Devlin said trucks with high miles of 120,000 to 150,000 are going for between $10,000 and $15,000. By going through the state purchasing program, the village could obtain a new pickup for $31,000. Council discussed looking into whether any grant money is available to go for a newer truck.

— Councilman Jim Wilson suggested an aftermarket attachment could be added to a mower the village already owns, which would make it usable for mowing the ball field in town. Council also discussed whether to compensate the person who has been mowing the ball field with his own mower.

— As part of a liability insurance request, Fiscal Officer Donna Rudder suggested it may be necessary for village employees and anyone driving a village owned vehicle to have their driving records checked. Devlin said he could accomplish the check, but would need a list of the firefighters authorized to drive the fire equipment.

— Mayor Linda Adams said she had been asked by the owners of a local pizza shop about closing the alley next to the business. Law Director Andy Beech noted a property plat would be required to be drawn up and then council could consider the vacation of the alley.