Officials: Mow your grass or face citation

WELLSVILLE — Property owners who fail to mow their lawns will soon receive a warning letter from the village.

Mayor Nancy Murray reported at last week’s Village Council meeting they have been getting calls about people not mowing their property and as a result the first round of warning letters have been mailed out advising them failure to do so could result in the offender being cited into court.

Council member Karen Dash said it is an annual problem. “I know it’s been raining and the grass had been growing like crazy,” but residents still need to be aware they are required to comply with the mowing law, she said.

Council is making it easier for property owners to comply by passing on second reading legislation requiring grass be cut after it reaches 12 inches instead of the current six inches. The law will become law after it is passed on third reading at council’s next meeting on May 21.

In other action, council passed on a first reading legislation creating a new repayment schedule for $78,000 appropriated the fire department over the past six years.

In 2013, council loaned the fire department $125,000 to help with the purchase of the fire truck. The fire department has only been able to repay $50,000 to date.

Meanwhile, in 2016, the former village fiscal officer transferred $3,000 to the fire department to help them make payroll. The current fiscal officer discovered this transfer was never formally approved by council and she reported her finding to the state auditor’s office, which told her the money had to be repaid because proper procedures were not followed.

The legislation scraps the old repayment plan from 2013, rolls in the $3,000 into what is owned, and creates a new repayment plan requiring the combined $78,000 in debt be repaid over 10 years.

In related news, council passed on first reading legislation that addresses how much it will pay for the advanced training costs for full-time firefighters. The current legislation set a ceiling of $1,000, but officials said that is no longer enough. The new legislation would eliminate any set dollar amount, leaving it to council to approve the expense on a case-by-case basis.

Council also agreed the village-wide yard sale will be held this year on Aug. 3.