Noise complaint echos through township

WELLSVILLE — More than a dozen Mick Road residents turned out in Yellow Creek Township to plead with trustees to quiet a problem property in their neighborhood.

During the regular meeting Tuesday night, neighbors presented trustees with a petition of 21 signatures that they hoped could lead to creation of a noise ordinance after they allegedly suffered through their new neighbor’s “shenanigans” for the last month.

One unidentified man spoke on behalf of the group and relayed how since early March, new occupants in the 1100 block of Mick Road have been keeping the neighborhood up all night into the early morning, revving engines and behaving inappropriately. “Everyone has been calling the (Columbiana County) sheriff,” he noted after relaying how the new neighbor’s children are on neighboring properties without permission and racing up and down the street recklessly as are visitors to the home. According to the group, the sheriff answered 27 complaints to dispatch last Tuesday from neighbors and allegedly came out at least twice to the man’s home.

“In three to four weeks, the neighborhood has turned into a hellhole,” one neighbor said, after describing a plethora of ATVs and dirt bikes that are operating illegally (and recklessly) on the street as well as the abundance of “mudder” trucks with no exhausts being allegedly operated at the residence at all hours. “The Columbiana County Sheriff is well aware. It is nonstop.”

It is unknown if the male occupant’s repair operation is just a hobby or a business venture.

Neighbors, unhappy about the sheriff’s lack of action to the matter as well as having been told by a snarky dispatcher to quit calling, complained to Kenny Biacco, who is a retired sheriff’s deputy. “She blew us all off,” they commented.

They were urged to go over the dispatcher’s head, and Biacco said that he would contact the sheriff regarding the issue.

Yellow Creek Township is not zoned, and the problematic resident has admitted to neighbors that was a deciding factor in determining his residence there.

The man was not present for Tuesday’s meeting.

“He just doesn’t care,” and descriptions of the property have been uttered, calling “the front yard” a combination of a city dump and a junk yard due to all the vehicles.

Around a half hour into the meeting, after saying they have had enough, the room bursts into laughter as a truck floors the accelerator as it drives up next to the township building up a nearby hill.

In other action, Biacco told the audience that he recently attended a steering committee meeting with the other 18 townships in the county and learned that it is highly likely that $10 million will be infused from the state into local municipalities and townships to assist with offsetting the cost of audits.


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