House condemned

Resident lands herself in custody for interference

Pictured above, A half dozen cats who occupied in the home of Dorothy Eddy lived amidst refuse, feces, Pepsi cans and discarded waste at 1515 Russet Lane, East Liverpool. Ultimately city and county authorities collected six dogs and more than 20 cats from the north side duplex before evicting the occupants and condemned the home for health code violations Wednesday. (Submitted photo)

EAST LIVERPOOL — An East Liverpool woman found herself in custody, after she allegedly attempted to interfere with the condemnation of her residence.

Dorothy Eddy was arrested at 3:35 p.m. Wednesday on charges of obstructing official business and resisting arrest in the 1500 block of Russet Lane after city officials, including the city Housing, Planning and Health departments evicted residents of the family’s duplex.

Police described the conditions at 1515 and 1517 Russet Lane as “horrendous” and called the county dog warden to remove six dogs from the residence.

According to the narrative, Eddy allegedly had lied to the warden about the whereabouts of the sixth dog, which she owned, after the warden had secured the first five. The warden’s employee still had heard the sixth dog in the residence and, as the employee tried to get that dog, Eddy allegedly locked the door and refused to bring the dog out.

Eddy’s son, Brian L. McKinnon Sr., who is listed as the property’s owner, reportedly unlocked the door, and Eddy allegedly was ordered from the residence.

A police officer took a combative Eddy to the ground face down in front of the porch and handcuffed her as other city officials had to step in, so McKinnon wouldn’t interfere with the arrest.

After being placed in the cruiser, Eddy allegedly attempted to kick out the windows and was warned that she would be hogtied if she didn’t stop, according to the incident report. She eventually was calmed down and was booked into the county jail, the report read.

City police posted the incident to their Facebook page shortly after it happened and explained a local cat adoption advocate will care for Eddy’s 20-plus cats.

McKinnon was ordered to only be on the premises, making repairs to the structure with consent from the Planning department.

Judge Melissa Byers-Emmerling arraigned Eddy in East Liverpool Municipal Court on Thursday and scheduled her to return with her court-appointed attorney Joseph Phillips on May 30.

If convicted, Eddy faces up to six months in jail and $1,500 in fines.


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