Parole violation could land man back in prison

LISBON — Village police are filing charges against a 46-year-old West Washington Street man suspected of trying to lure a local woman into his truck in one instance and temporarily preventing another woman from leaving the Dollar General parking lot in another.

Ian Woods, formerly of Rogers, was charged with disorderly conduct for the one incident and unlawful restraint for the other, according to Chief Mike Abraham.

The first incident occurred about 9:15 a.m. Sunday and involved a 30-year-old woman walking to Sunday services at the Lisbon Nazarene Church. While walking on North Beaver Street a man in a silver Dodge Ram pickup truck with a red stripe stopped and asked her if she needed a ride.

The woman said no, but the driver persisted, telling her, “why don’t you just get in.”

Again the woman said no, and this time he asked what was her name. She refused, and the man became upset and began to drive away. After driving a short distance, he stopped and began to turn around. The woman became frightened and took off running.

“I have never been so scared in my life,” she told police.

After arriving at the church and explaining what happened, the pastor called police.

Abraham said police officer Sarina Stacey was on patrol and saw the truck parked outside the rental property on West Washington Street where Woods is living. Police determined the truck belonged to Woods, who is on probation out of Hamilton County for breaking into a home there last June by crawling through a dog door, which set off the burglar alarm. Police arrived to find Woods in a bedroom, nude and “pleasing himself.”

Abraham said they questioned Woods, who admitted offering a ride to the woman on Sunday because she appeared lost.

Meanwhile, a friend of the 30-year-old woman posted about the encounter on Facebook, which was viewed by a 20-year-old village woman who contacted police about an encounter she had with a man matching the same description and driving the same truck. This particular incident happened in December at the Dollar General store. She said the man told her she looked like his daughter, who was an actress, and continued to try to engage her in conversation.

When she left the store, the man was sitting in his truck and pulled up behind her after she got into her vehicle, blocking her in. The man then walked up to her vehicle, asking her to get out or roll down the window so he could speak to her. She refused, and the man got back into his truck and left.

The encounter did not end there. After the woman left the Dollar General parking lot and started driving downtown, she noticed the truck was now following her. Instead of heading home, the woman began driving aimlessly through town until he quit following her.

After consulting with the county prosecutor’s office, Abraham said the most he can charge Woods with is disorderly conduct for the Feb. 3 incident and unlawful restraint, also a misdemeanor, for the Dollar General incident.

“My hope with bringing these charges is this will be enough to violate his probation in Hamilton County and he will be ordered to serve the remainder of his sentence there,” he said.

Woods could be sentenced to three years in prison for the burglary.