Contractor approved by trustees

LACROFT — A contract was approved Monday night by Liverpool Township Trustees for construction of administrative space in the building being renovated as the township police department.

Approved unanimously was a contract with Jim Santini Brothers Builders of Salem for $47,700, which trustees said includes everything, including the heating system.

Trustees had agreed previously to add administrative space to the structure that once served as the LaCroft kindergarten building which has been undergoing a transformation to house the police department.

Trustee Mike Bahen said since Santini’s estimate came in under $50,000, the project does not have to be bid out and said, since the company is already doing the renovation, it made sense to contract with it.

Giving an update on the project, Bahen said he and police Chief Jayson Jackson attended a meeting Feb. 4 with the contractor and learned that masonry work is complete, plumbing has been roughed in, overhead doors are installed, roofing work including vents, flashing and drains is complete, and furnaces are up and running, with dry wall and siding work underway.

Another meeting with the contractor is set for 9 a.m. March 4 at the current township hall.

In other building-related matters, Trustee Keith Burke suggested they hire a cleaning woman for the existing township hall, which he said “has been looking kind of nasty for awhile,” saying police officers have been doing the cleaning and that “sometimes guys don’t do as well.”

He was asked by Chairman Dennis Giambroni, “Why now?” considering they intend to move into their new township building within a few months, and Burke said to “try out” the cleaning services before they move into the new offices, where cleaning will be needed.

He said the person he had in mind will charge $100 per cleaning, twice per month, and said someone would be in the building at all times while she is cleaning.

Trustees agreed to the idea on a trial basis to see how it works out.

After considerable discussion, an invitation to the public for its input, and a traffic survey, trustees voted unanimously for a resolution lowering the speed limit on a number of streets in the Broadview Circle neighborhood from 55 mph to 25 mph.

The resolution must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Transportation for its review, after which the township can install new speed limit signs on the affected streets.

Bahen noted that, after a resident also asked about a speed reduction in the Curry Street area, he had checked the area.

“If you’re going north on Curry, it’s 55 mph; if you’re going south, it’s 25 mph,” Bahen said, saying that is because the southern portion is in the city limits, while the northern half is in the township where limits are at the higher rate unless set otherwise by trustee action.

He told his fellow trustees that city officials will cooperate if they decide to go through the steps to lower the township’s limit by helping install signs.

In other legislative action Monday, trustees passed a resolution establishing a revised credit card policy. Although the township already has such a policy, the state auditor requested the revision after adding some language.

Also approved was the volunteer firefighters dependency board formed by the fire department, which Bahen explained is a board that provides funding for the families of firefighters who die in the line of duty.

Giambroni was approved as trustees’ liaison to deal with Salt Creek Township (Wayne County) Trustees, who are interested in purchasing a surplus mower from the township. Salt Creek trustees were also meeting Monday and expected to make a decision on the purchase, and Giambroni was directed to speak with the solicitor about handling any sale.

Fire Chief Dave Ward reported the free trial run of an e-dispatch service is going well and he advised trustees the cost would be $199 for activation and $94 per month.

Ward also reported the department responded to 11 calls in January with an average response time of four minutes, three seconds and seven firefighters responding.

Jackson reported a total of 357 calls, arrests, citations and reports during January for the police department.

Road foreman Chris Bosworth reported that all equipment is in good working order and asked to purchase 20 tons each of two different types of limestone, which trustees approved.

Both Ward and Bosworth asked trustees to meet in executive session on personnel issues, with no action taken afterward.