Lisbon boy released from Tobin early

LISBON — The 14-year-old Lisbon area boy who brought an airsoft pistol into the junior/senior high school in November appeared Monday morning in Columbiana County Juvenile Court.

The boy was credited with 32 days served at the Louis Tobin Attention Center. While he was sentenced to the maximum 90 days at the Tobin Center, the remaining 58 days were suspended and he was placed on probation. According to court officials, the boy will be required to complete two days of community service and attend any counseling his probation officer deems necessary.

Although bringing a gun to school could mean a possible fifth-degree felony charge, the boy was charged with the first-degree misdemeanor charge of illegal possession and/or conveyance of a dangerous weapon onto school grounds.

The difference was the type of gun the boy had in his backpack, although it was noted the airsoft gun had a realistic appearance. There was a video on social medial of someone loading the airsoft shells into the pistol, which police determine was posted by the boy about 12 hours before he was found with the gun at school.

Another student had become concerned about airsoft pistol in the backpack on Nov. 14 and told a teacher, prompting the boy’s backpack to be checked by local police.

He has been suspended from school.