Four BL students recognized during meeting

CALCUTTA — Four high school students were recognized by the Beaver Local administration during Monday’s school board meeting, three for excelling in mass media and one for returning to class following a lengthy recovery from a stroke.

Among the students who were recognized by Superintendent Eric Lowe were high school juniors Cameron Conto, Caden McKenzie and Austin McCoy, who has worked on video production as part of the school’s media class and presented some of their videos during the meeting.

Noting that board member Lance Shultz was instrumental in obtaining new media equipment upon opening the new K-12 campus in 2015, Lowe said the three juniors expressed an interest in working with digital design and digital media. Lowe said the three approached him about working on some videos several weeks ago and Lowe had no objections.

“I always believe it’s awesome when you have kids who are passionate about something,” Lowe said. “Sometimes the adults can just get out of their way and let them go.”

Lowe said the three have been reviewing videos on YouTube about how to operate some of the new equipment for the school’s media room, which is in the process of being built, and had already produced videos which have included the high school boys basketball team, and a newscast-quality story for their morning news announcements.

Shultz also commended the juniors, adding that the digital media industry is high in demand.

“On a career side of things, digital media is huge,” Shultz said. “Companies, large and small, are hiring people to do digital media and you’re right at the cutting edge.”

Also in attendance Monday was junior volleyball player Lauren Thomas, who received a round of applause as she returns to class and continues her recovery following a massive stroke she endured this past July while attending a volleyball camp at Youngstown State University.

“Lauren has returned to school, for those of you who have followed her story, and it definitely motivates all of us,” Lowe said.

Throughout her recovery over the past five months, members of the Beaver Local community and several schools have recognized Thomas and shown their support in various ways.

Thomas was joined at the meeting by her aunt and uncle, Marla and Huck Hughes, the latter of whom expressed his gratitude for the school’s support and help from Lowe, the staff and faculty.

“Her coming back to school has been, it seemed that it’s really helped her, and the staff here and everything has made that possible,” Mr. Hughes said. “Mr. Lowe goes above and beyond to make sure she’s taken care of. Everything you could ever ask for, you’ve got the right guy in charge of the school. We can’t thank the community enough for everything you’ve done to help our family and for Lauren to get better.”

Also recognized were the elementary school’s Lions Club winners for the first quarter of the school year, which were presented by elementary school principal Brianne Hall and are awarded to students who have good attendance and display good citizenship within the school.

The honorees were pre-kindergartener Emily Anderson, kindergartener Gage Boyer, first-grader Eli Cochran, second-grader Kinley Owens, third-grader Addison Jones and fourth-graders Brian Podelak and Tatum Duncan.

Also honored in art class were kindergartener Susan Buchheit, first grader Andie Jackson, second grader Macie Bourne, third grader Addison Shields and fourth grader Adriana Emedio.