Village flood pumps readied as levels rise

WELLSVILLE — Village officials will be continuing to monitor water levels from the Ohio River and prepare for action should they continue to rise following the weekend’s heavy rains.

Officials with the Wellsville Fire Department reported Monday a steady rise in water levels since Sunday evening, following two days of heavy rains which remained steady throughout Sunday. Officials prepared throughout the weekend to turn on flood pumps at the village marina and the pondage area if it was necessary.

As of 1 p.m. Monday, water levels reached about 7 feet at the marina. The pumps will be turned on once levels reach 8 feet.

As for the village’s flood wall, village personnel would begin the preparation process once water levels reach 12 feet, with actual construction of the wall starting once levels reach 14 feet.

County EMA officials stated Monday the river along Wellsville is expected to crest at 12.2 feet.

The weekend’s storms brought numerous inches of rain, knocked over trees, and left many throughout the area without power throughout the day. In Wellsville, however, officials said they received no serious reports of flooding and no downed trees or power lines.

Officials did receive one report of a flooded basement in a resident’s home, but it later was determined the water was the result of a backup in a sewer line. The customer was advised by officials to turn off the pilot light to his furnace. Aside from that, no similar instances were reported.

Village officials said they will continue to monitor the situation at the river and remain in contact with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers out of Pittsburgh to provide further updates.

They will also remain in contact with other area fire departments — including Highlandtown and Liverpool Township — as well as the Columbiana County Emergency Management Agency if further action is needed.