Trustees approve TIF resolutions

CALCUTTA — Trustees approved a resolution last week to provide public infrastructure improvements throughout St. Clair Township along with making any related authorizations in regard to the township’s funding through Tax Increment Financing (TIF).

The resolution was approved 2-0 with Trustee Robert Swickard absent.

The township currently holds two TIF accounts — TIF 1 and TIF 2 — which give the township an opportunity to divert some taxes from real estate back into the township for the purpose of improvement of infrastructure, including water, sewer, roads and other matters, explained Trustee James Sabatini,

With TIF 1, once the debt service is satisfied, the township agreed to continue with the TIF, but the money would go back to the Beaver Local School District, who had relinquished a portion of the TIF for the construction of McGuffey Road.

“It just does all that housecleaning work so that TIF 1 can continue,” Sabatini said. “If you’re collecting $10, I’m using as an example, now we’ll get $5 from that, and the other five will go to the schools.”

Sabatini said TIF 2 will continue on as planned, meaning the township will be able to focus on improvements mainly in commercial areas.

“There’s basically a laundry list of what it emcompasses to help us have growth,” Sabatini said. “To help us when businesses come in, sidewalks, street lighting, parks, improvements to parks, acquisition of lands, related connecting lands. There’s a laundry list of things, and we’ve looked into funding.”

Sabatini, however, mentioned that while the township receives the same amount of money, costs have increased, and with the TIFs in place, it will help the township improve, providing such examples as the new Power GM and McDonald’s buildings along with the major renovations at the Calcutta Giant Eagle from last year.

“People can say what they want, but there’s still growth out there that is happening and they’ve done a good job,” Sabatini said. “Those are all the things that the TIF district contributes to, so that helps with the infrastructure because you need water.”

In other business:

— In an update on nuisance properties in the township, administrative assistant Eldena Gearhart reported the Columbiana County Health Department is currently working with the county prosecutor on the Belmont Avenue and Duke Road properties, the latter of which trustees would be able to take action regarding clean-up efforts.

In a related matter, trustees approved a motion to order a lien report on the property located at 16195 Dome St., and also declared the property insecure, unsafe and structurally unfit for human inhabitation.

— Trustees approved the reading of the bills totaling $91,653.69. The breakdown consisted of $26,543.35 in EFT vouchers, $4,054.71 for road department payroll, $21,470.11 for police payroll, $535.99 for administration payroll, $1,191.23 in payroll withholdings and $37,858.30 in invoices.

The next trustees’ meeting is noon Sept. 18 at the Township Administration Building on Pugh Road.