Report released on man’s death

GLENMOOR — An East Liverpool man found dead alongside East Liverpool Road earlier this month died as the result of a drug overdose and not the vehicle accident in which he was involved, according to St. Clair Township Police.

The body of Michael L. Savors, 38, Harvey Avenue, was found just before 3 a.m. lying about 100-150 yards from the spot where an unoccupied wrecked car had been discovered by police about 90 minutes earlier.

When no driver was located following a search of the immediate area, the car was towed, after which a passer-by stopped an officer in Calcutta to report seeing a man lying near the roadway.

At that time, police said it was evident Savors had been the driver of the vehicle but that the crash had not been the cause of his death, saying more would be known once the results of the county coroner’s report was released.

The results, received by township police Tuesday, ruled Savors’ death an overdose, according to Sgt. Scott Mick, who said, “He had a lethal combination of drugs in his system. There were multiple things in his system that could have done him in. It was a mixed drug overdose.”

Mick said the exact cause of the accident will probably never be known, saying, “We can’t make a decision on why he crashed. He could have looked at his cellphone, he may have been messing with the radio, he may have nodded off, but the vehicle crash did not kill him.”