Job well done

Trustees, residents praise road crew

WELLSVILLE — Residents of Frischkorn Heights along with Yellow Creek Township officials expressed gratitude to the road crew and others involved in repairs to what would have been an otherwise bad situation.

During Tuesday’s trustees meeting, Trustee Chairman Kenny Biacco discussed drainage problems that took place at Frischkorn Heights and Sunset Avenue, saying the problem was so bad, the road was nearly destroyed.

“We had to do something up there, and it was more than what we thought,” Biacco said.

According to Biacco, a total of six culvert pipes and four catch basins were installed in an emergency matter, and once connected, the drainage worked as it was supposed to.

For their efforts, Biacco recognized the township’s road crew — consisting of foreman Bodine Jackson and employee Ryan Williams.

“When someone does a good job, they need to be recognized,” Biacco said. “And I want to recognize our employees. They spent a long time up there, and it was to the point where it was hot, they were getting burned out.”

Adding that additional help was needed aside from the road department, Biacco also recognized Trustee Mark Allison and his son, Noah, of Allison Construction, for assisting with the installation of pipes and basins.

“They spent four or five days out there, and brought their own equipment up there,” Biacco said.

When Trustee Allison was unavailable, his son filled in and was able to complete the job, which was done at no cost to the township or its taxpayers, Biacco explained.

He also thanked fellow Trustee Glenn McKenzie for his efforts in the repairs.

Two Frischkorn Heights residents in attendance who also expressed gratitude for the effort were Bill Frischkorn and Rich Russell. While Frischkorn told the board he was “extremely happy,” Russell elaborated by commending the Allisons for the properly-handled work, especially considering the recent heavy rains.

“I was happy two weeks ago and I’m really happy now after the rain,” Frischkorn said.

“Everything, the way you guys designed it and laid it out and did everything, it was 100 percent correct, and I appreciate it,” Russell said. “I agree with Kenny on you guys with the extra equipment and all the hard work up there.”

Meanwhile, in a separate matter, AEP right-of-way supervisor Troy Sneddon provided an update on plans for installation of communications line at 16 School and Old Irondale roads.

Installation will be part of a major upgrade with AEP Energy, as the new line will connect all substations with each other via the internet.

At a previous meeting, some concern was expressed with digging as well as roadway ditches.

With a new plan in mind, Sneddon advised the board that markers will be placed every 500 feet, but the line will be installed 10 feet beyond the ditch line, which Sneddon said would give road crews ample space to clear those ditches.

Following a brief discussion, the board unanimously approved AEP’s new plan.

No start date has been announced, but Sneddon said AEP will look to fit it into its schedule within the next three weeks.