Resident: Purinton Road issues remain

CALCUTTA — A Purinton Road resident who addressed a flooding issue in his area four months ago again expressed his concerns this week to St. Clair Township trustees.

Gary Davis reminded trustees Tuesday he had approached them in the spring regarding concerns of flooding affecting his property and two neighboring sites, but said he hadn’t heard back from anyone on the matter.

It was March 6 when Davis explained to trustees that the township road crew had attempted, the past three years, to alleviate flooding issues at his residence, which he said was a result of runoff from four different roadways. It was affecting the drain and septic tank on his property, adding it caused asphalt at a catch basin to erode, costing him nearly $1,000 in repairs.

“Four months ago, I was told that you were going to get back with me,” Davis said. “I’ve heard nothing.”

Trustee Chairman James Hall said the road crew had been working on the matter, while road supervisor Scott Barrett said ditching and berming on Purinton was to take place in the future.

Hall asked Barrett if there was any way to resolve the issue with the catch basin that was placed high. Barrett said “All we was going to do was clean out that corner, and we were requested not to.”

Davis said the water had been coming from the west side of Clinton and Oakmont avenues, and has been building up on the road, but said the water had continued to come down the driveway.

“I told them to basically do what they had to do to get that water away from us,” Davis said.

Trustees and Barrett said they will look at the matter again.

Meanwhile, in his report, Barrett stated road crews were in the process of completing patching work on Woodland Drive, which he expected to be completed that day.

“That’s not an asphalt job, we’re just patching it,” Barrett said. “I’m sure we’re going to get calls of ‘That’s the worst asphalt job I’ve ever seen,’ but it’s just being patched.”

In regard to follow-up work, Barrett said the road crew had pushed back dirt piles and handled weeds in the area of Annesley Road and state Route 267, patched potholes and edged on Beaver Creek Estates, and mowed the side hill on Cannons Mill Road.

Also scheduled is the installation of a “No Outlet” sign in the township and a speed limit 25 sign on Princeton Road, which follows a study completed by Police Chief Brian McKenzie; repair of a separated pipe on Duke Road; and pothole repair on Huston Road, although Barrett was concerned this is not the township’s responsibility.

In other business:

— Trustees approved a request from Barrett to purchase 300 tons of ash from Ed Wilson Trucking, depending on availability. The material is $12.75 per ton for a total cost of $3,825. Barrett advised trustees of a possibility the ash may not be available due to its high demand, but said the road crew will look to acquire it.

— Trustees declined to vote on a motion to allow Planet Aid to place two clothing recycling bins at the township’s garage/recycling area, a motion first brought up during the July 24 meeting but tabled to allow more time for research on the subject. Trustee Robert Swickard said the township has multiple outlets where recycling of clothing is available to residents and he didn’t see the need for an additional option. As a result, the request died due to a lack of a motion to approve.

— Trustees approved a request from East Liverpool law director Charles Payne to hold a “Police Training for Elder Victims” seminar at the Peter Metrovich Community Center in September, with an exact date yet to be determined. Hall said the seminars might happen on a monthly basis depending on the availability of keynote speakers.

— Trustees approved the reading of the bills, amounting to $75,769.82. Among the bills included two EFT vouchers for $5,706.15, road department payroll of $3,652.86, police payroll of $18,531.88, administrative payroll of $572.74, special withholdings of $1,191.23, and invoices totaling $46,114.96.

The next regular scheduled meeting is noon Aug. 21 at the Township Administration Building on Pugh Road, Calcutta.