Potholes topic of lengthy discussion

WELLSVILLE — Potholes have led to another lengthy discussion between a Yellow Creek Township resident and trustees.

Nicholson Road resident Ralph Samberson last week addressed trustees over the condition of Wells Hollow Road, which he claimed was in worse condition than where he resides.

Trustee Mark Allison stated Wells Hollow was on the list to be fixed, but Samberson questioned again the township’s plans for the road.

“Last meeting you guys said you will be patching Hibbetts Mill Road and were going to be resurface it,” Samberson said.

Trustee Glenn McKenzie said the township will patch with limestone, but added the township is waiting for money from AEP to repair the road.

“It was supposed to be in by the end of the year, from what I understood,” McKenzie said, adding crews have completed winter work and will now be entering the spring scheduled.

McKenzie also explained the road doesn’t have a lot of base to it, as it’s mostly tar and gravel.

Allison then asked Samberson if he knew how much chip and seal would cost, but when Samberson dismissed that question, Allison took exception and asked again how much it would’ve cost.

“Don’t say you don’t care,” Allison said. “Do you realize how many people pay taxes in Yellow Creek Township? Take all their taxes, how many miles of chip and seal can you do?”

McKenzie explained that the cost of chip and seal had tripled through the years, while Allison added that chip and seal would have cost $81,000, stating it would have cost more to go through the county and would provide an estimate.

Samberson also addressed the road work on Hibbetts Mill Road that will be used during the construction of the South Field Energy power plant, and had asked if the township was involved with the electric company on that matter.

Trustee Chairman Kenny Biacco clarified that the slag was put down by an outside company, and that the township had nothing to do with the matter.

In other business:

— In regard to funding to repair Wells Hollow Road, Biacco stated he had yet to hear back from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) over the result of a request made by the township during a meeting held in Lisbon on March 13 with county engineer Bert Dawson.

— Biacco reported the township received notification from the county engineer’s office regarding the office’s annual line striping program, held during the summer following the county’s chip-and-seal program, the latter of which the township will not be participating in for the third consecutive year citing high costs with the program.

Trustees will decide in the near future whether it will participate in the line striping program, which it did last year.

— Regarding work in the township, Biacco reported the township received a notice from Petaline representing FirstEnergy, to which transmission line work will be handled. Biacco said trees that have a red “X” will be cut down, while trees with a vertical line will be pruned.

Biacco also said AEP employees will be installing fiber lines throughout 16 School and Steubenville Pike roads during the month of June. Biacco said the company will only be using bucket trucks, and thus trustees felt that a road bond and/or permit was not necessary for this work.

The next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. April 24 at the David W. Boyd Meeting Room on Oak Ridge Road.