District to revamp school field

WELLSVILLE – Some changes will be on the way in the Wellsville school district, including the resodding of the field behind the high school and a new roof for Garfield Elementary.

During Monday’s meeting, the Wellsville Board of Education approved proposals from three area companies who will work on the back parking lot and field at the high school on Bengal Boulevard, which will also include a new chain-link fence.

According to Superintendent Richard Bereschik, the 48,000 square feet field will be utilized by the baseball, softball and soccer teams, the marching band, and physical education classes.

“What we’re going to have is a green area,” Bereschik explained. “We’ve been calling this a soccer practice field. It’s going to have more than one particular thing. It’s going to be able to be used for baseball and softball defensive practices, not hitting. It’s going to be able to be used for the band to march on. It’s going to be used for soccer practices and for physical education classes.”

Bereschik said a total of 64.4 20-ton truckloads of potting soil will be used to raise the field – which once served as a pottery area – a total of eight inches, which will then be hydroseeded

Regarding the parking lot, Bereschik said it will give bus drivers the ability to park all four buses in the lot next to the building that will be repaired.

The proposals consisted of three from Allison Contracting LLC, all of which collectively came to a total of $36,689.

Allison will provide a 10-inch aggregate base parking lot, which will cost the district $19,494; a site prep and installation of approximately 8-inches of topsoil for $9,500; and seeding and mulching for a total of $7,695.

In addition to Allison’s work, Gil Thermes Fence Co. Inc. will provide and build a 6-foot-high chain link fence at a total of $12,387, while S&S Processing will deliver topsoil at a price of $24 per ton.

The fence itself will replace the old fencing, which Bereschik said the district had to build themselves and pay for it, adding it has “seen better days.”

“What can be salvaged will be salvaged, but most of it will be repaired with locking gates on each side for the buses, and also an area separating the green area from the parking area but we also let our tractor in to mow,” Bereschik said.

Allison looks to start work anytime now, and expects the field to be completely re-seeded within a month to six weeks, he said, and the area should be ready by the 2018-19 school year.

Meanwhile, the board also approved a ground lease agreement in regard to a loan which will be used for the roof and heating/cooling project at Garfield Elementary. The project is anticipated to start immediately after the school year ends.

The district has been working with architectural firm The Buehrer Group over plans for the roof and new HVAC system with heating and cooling inside the Lincoln Avenue school.

Kent Buehrer, president of The Buehrer Group, provided an update, stating the project is planned to start June 4, a few days after school ends for the year, and be completed by Aug. 3.

The project will consist of removing the old roof and installing a new single ply membrane over a 1/2-inch HP cover board and insulation, along with installing four overflow drains and necessary cast iron piping, new drain inserts, new break metal at the eave and new counter flashing, existing mechanical curb repair and mechanical curb istallation and new soffits at entrance.

As for the HVAC system, the work will include removing all classroom electric unit ventilators, gym AHU and associate controls, and will replace with a new HVAC system with a new gas-fired boiler, a new chiller, hydrauling piping, pipe covers, new control, and other needed materials.

The base bid estimate for the roof goes for $523,500, while the heating system’s base bid estimate is at $636,500, for a total overall cost of over $1.15 million.

Buehrer said the plans have been submitted to the state for approval, and the firm will handle filing fees.

“The challenge now is to get contractors interested in the project and to get them to submit bids,” Buehrer said.

According to Buehrer, a pre-bid meeting will take place 3:30 p.m. March 26, and all bids must be submitted by 2 p.m. April 3.