Museum to celebrate ‘Hard-Working Potters’

EAST LIVERPOOL — The Museum of Ceramics, this week, will be hosting and celebrating the “Hard-Working Potters” of Homer Laughlin China Company and Hall China.

Employees and their families are invited to visit the Museum free of charge — 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 21, and enjoy refreshments, activities for the kids, and discounts in the gift shop. Docents will be ready to welcome the guests, answer questions, and explain the exhibits.

Mayor Ryan C. Stovall will make an official proclamation at 4:30 p.m. declaring it “Employee Day” in the East Liverpool for these two firms.

Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin began their Laughlin Brothers Pottery in 1871. In 1877, Shakespeare left the firm and in 1896, Homer incorporated the firm as Homer Laughlin China Company. The growing firm built additional plants in Newell, W.Va., and in 1929 moved all operations there. Today the pottery is known worldwide for its iconic Fiesta Ware.

Hall China began in 1903. Leadless glaze and a single fire process are two of their notable achievements. Collectors also revere Hall for its refrigerator ware, Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf, and teapots. Hall China recently came under the management of Homer Laughlin.

These two firms have employed thousands of employees for over 150 years.

The Museum of Ceramics’ “Homer Laughlin and Hall China Employee Day” will pay tribute to the workers who continue to carry on the pottery heritage and make this valley the “Pottery Capital of the Nation,” organizers say.

For more information, call Susan Weaver, director of the Museum, at 330-386-6001.