Finance committee presents invoices

WELLSVILLE — After a discrepancy regarding an area business which led to discussion among Village Council members, an amended list of invoices was approved during Tuesday’s meeting.

On the agenda during last week’s session was a list of invoices, initially totaling $31,186.21 — one of the largest amounts in some time — and was presented through council’s Finance Committee.

Fiscal Officer Hoi Black presented the list in place of committee chairman Tony Cataldo, who was absent, and reported the following bills: Allison Contracting of Wellsville, for site evaluation and budgetary estimates ($510); billed service for a garage for the drive shaft for the cemetery’s Ford F-350 truck ($550, estimated); Campbell Signs for replacement sign at Hammond Park ($350); Clark Brothers for oil compressor and air filter ($70); Jacob Lee Trucking for 20 tons of slag ($100); coal mix ($561.45); Newbold Technology for a recharageable battery for Village Hall’s communication system ($118); Milligan Hardware for drywall screws and other equipment ($14.28); O.S. Hill International for the T-1 dump truck brakes, clutch, backup alarm and emergency brakes ($1,815.44); The Review for advertisement of property sales ($262); Sayre Electric for six-volt battery ($16); Suez Water for work on sewage pump station no. 2 ($26,114); the Wellsville Fire Department for reimbursement of cleaning supplies ($204.99); and Wellsville Feed for grass seeds and straws ($150).

Councilman John Cianni questioned the billed service for the F-350 truck. He noted, as he did in a previous council session, that one garage is behind on back taxes owed the village, yet the village continues to conduct business with it.

“I’ve brought this up before, and it happened again,” Cianni said. “Why are we giving business, automotive business, to a place that is $20,000 behind in property taxes and never paid the village a dime?

“How many places are out there that work on vehicles? That’s like rewarding somebody for not pitching in and paying your fair share.

“Does everybody in the audience pay your property tax when it’s due? Then why are they exempt? Why are we using them until they get in line?”

Mayor Nancy Murray said the business in question has been sold and will be under new management.

“I agree with Councilman Cianni, we should be giving business to the people that pay their taxes,” Councilman John Morrow said.

Village Administrator Jerry Medley, who scheduled the service for the truck, said he was unaware the garage in question was behind in back taxes and apologized to council for the error.

“If I had known it, I wouldn’t have used them,” Medley said.

It was noted that Council was not placing blame on anyone for the decision.

Black, meanwhile, suggested removing the F-350 service invoice from the list and holding it for future consideration, which council agreed. The amended list, totaling $30,636.21 was approved 4-0. Along with Cataldo, Rosie Gibson also was absent from Tuesday’s regular council session.

Meanwhile, in an explanation of the Suez Water bill, Black said Cataldo, then-council member Diane Dinch and Murray visited the pump site and reviewed the plans with Greg Stewart of Suez Water, and learned that updating to the pump needed to take place.

Black said the work was completed last year, but the invoice was not received by the village until this year. The payment will be made through the Sewage Update fund.