Giambroni becomes new board director at the Center

At the July quarterly Board meeting of the HHH Foundation that oversees the operation of the East Liverpool Area Community & Learning Center, Shannon Giambroni was welcomed as a new board director.

Giambroni is the newest and youngest of the board members, all volunteers. She resides in Newell, West Virginia and is employed at the Fiesta Ware Company. She is an author and public speaker about her community.

Receipt of a $10,000 donation for the Center was reported and is to be used for operational expenses. Ten new aluminum tables each capable of seating up to eight people have been donated to the Center. They will be used in the newly-converted the Art Party Room that can seat around sixty people and adds another room for rental bringing the number of rental rooms to five.

The Center is seeking an art director to lead children art lessons that will be held in the art gallery room. The Center has accumulated a large supply of art materials so classes can be offered free of charge to the children.

Board member Linda Henderson reported on building a butterfly preserve on the property of the Center that is made possible because of a donation from Heritage Thermal Services in conjunction with the East Liverpool Rotary Club which meets at the Center on Tuesday.

At the beginning of the fall term, East Liverpool High School students will help construct the garden. Six years ago vocational students had designed and built the frequently used Teen Zone at the Center. The butterfly preserve will be able to be viewed from inside the building or by walking through the butterfly gardens. Monarchs and other butterflies migrate through this area on their way to winter in South America. This will provide the opportunity to enjoy and learn about these beautiful creatures of nature.

Teresa James just completed her second month as director of the Classic Movie Nites in the wide-screen, surround-sound movie theatre at the Center. Beginning in August on every Thursday night the movies will begin at 6 p.m. This takes into consideration for the shortening daylight hours ahead. She concludes each showing with a group discussion about the actors and their there are general comments on the movie with the audience.

Additional rental rooms now available at the Center make it possible to have four separate activities at one time for use as parties, meetings, receptions, fund raising, performances and other events all at the same time. Revenues from rentals help meet the expense of keeping the Center in operation.

An additional source of income for the Center is the Legacy & Legends Lecture Series that begins its sixth year beginning in September. Six lectures are offered each calendar season. The Foundation is now accepting member applications for a tax deductable donations of $100 per couple. The first program is on Sept. 20 with Gary Cornell speaking about “The Poisoner of East Liverpool.” Programs are to educate and entertain member about history and folklore of our area. A brief reception precedes each lecture..

The Center is unique with a variety of services and activities available to people of the greater tri-state area. Permanent tenants at the Center include Moving Waters Aerobic classes three times a week; service club meetings of the Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis clubs; and monthly meetings of the Guardians of the Children which provides support for abused children and their families, On Saturday mornings there are AA classes and weekly there is a bridge club that meets there. The Center is an election polling site for local precincts, vaccinations are administered by the city health board and a variety of public and private boards and community meetings are held at the Center. Free tutoring is available for pre-school and early grade school students by appointment.

Thanks to its cadre of volunteers the Center is able to be open seven days a week from noon to 5 p.m. It is also open after hours for parties and events as needed. The Center grounds and parking lot are frequently used for driving lessons and East Liverpool school activities in addition to the events inside Center. There is space at the Center for parking approximately 200 cars.

Inquiries about activities at the Center can be made by calling the Center at 330 386-2110. There is also a Center Facebook Page showing current activities.

During open hours visitors can explore the Hans Hacker Room with all its memorabilia; the Harker Pottery Exhibit, Hall China Teapot collection; Lang Art Gallery; and the Free Little Library maintained by the East Liverpool Rotary Club. There are other exhibits as well. A new list of the many Center activities is now displayed at the entrance to the Center that can be viewed from outside the building during after hours.


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