27th Annual ELHSAA Pottery Auction showcases local artistry

Celebrating the rich history of the East Liverpool area, the 27th Annual ELHSAA Pottery Auction features custom pottery pieces made by the Fiesta Tableware Company and W.C. Bunting. Bid at https://www.biddingforgood.com/ELHSAA from 9/14/21 to 9/28/21. (Photo courtesy of Brian Shockey)

EAST LIVERPOOL – East Liverpool High School Alumni Association (ELHSAA) 27thAnnual Pottery Online Auction runs from 9/14/21 to 9/28/21. Browse over 140 items of local pottery and memorabilia plus register to bid at https://www.biddingforgood.com/ELHSAA. This is the largest fundraiser of the year with proceeds funding scholarships, school outreach programs, and ELHSAA building repairs.

“The East Liverpool Area has a proud history as shown through the amazing pottery produced here.” said Brian Shockey, Pottery Auction Chairman. “We encourage everyone to visit the auction website and look at the incredible artistry of pottery produced for decades right here in our hometown.”

Custom items from local potteries are an auction tradition. Fiesta Tableware Company, Newell, WV, manufactured and donated Fiesta and Hall China items that will be popular with many collectors. The Fiesta Presentation (a.k.a. Celebration) Bowl was produced specifically for this auction and glazed in Twilight, the new color for 2021, with a special Fiesta 85th Anniversary decal, and bottom is numbered 1 through 12. Found during the clean-out of the Hall China warehouse, there are 12 “Everson” and “McCormick” Ribbed Teapots from 1952 in unique colors that were never produced or in very limited production. Fiesta Tableware Company also donated 12 beautiful Fiesta Plates in Butterscotch (Fiesta color for 2020), and W.C. Bunting Company decorated them to make 2022 Calendar Plates.

Consignment and donated items of local pottery and memorabilia are also featured in our on-line auction. We have over 100 lots of pottery from Homer Laughlin China, Hall China, Edwin M. Knowles, Harker, TS&T, Wellsville China, and Sterling China.

Auction Open House will be Saturday, 9/25/21, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Clock Tower Museum Room for inspection of items.

Anyone can bid by registering at https://www.biddingforgood.com/ELHSAA or visit www.elhsaa.com for more information.

The ELHSAA would like to thank Elizabeth (Liz) McIlvain, President, Fiesta Tableware Company, and Patrick O’Hara, Vice President of Sales, W.C. Bunting Company for their support and donations.


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