COVID kills more than people

I preached this sermon to my own congregation last week. As of last week, we had 28 million+ infected with Covid-19, and we were coming up on the terrible number of 500,000 people having died from it. We know now this week that we have hit the milestone of half a million – what a sad day. I’ve noticed the news wants to place the blame with different political parties, but let’s put the blame where it belongs: on the devil. We ate the fruit; we now get sick & die. The devil tortured Job, took his children, his livelihood, his health, clear to the place where his body was covered with sores and he scratched his open flesh with broken pieces of pottery. Without a doubt, the devil is using this disease, yet so many people think that he is their friend. COVID-19 has shut down jobs, for example, many restaurants in our area have closed, the waitresses there have been laid off, the delivery truck drivers no longer pass through our town, and I’m sure that some of them have been laid off. Without a doubt, it’s made an economical impact on our society today. Some families are barely making it, and on the other hand, front-line workers (nurses, doctors, etc.) are working relentlessly around the clock. The devil has divided the United States, and we’ve been too foolish to see who is behind all of this. The devil is so sneaky- he plants his thoughts into our mind to carry out his handiwork, like the exploration of this virus in the first place.

The devil has also used this virus to destroy a third of the church. Barna says that 35% of the church is not attending services right now, and in some areas, that number is as high as 60%. Experts believe that many will never return to church because once you leave, you develop new habits and it’s hard to come back to church and worship the Lord. You might say that you watch your favorite church on Facebook, YouTube, etc., but it isn’t the same. I, too, had a bad case of COVID-19 and watched from home, but it is not the same as public worship, and feeling the Holy Spirit around you, feeling the presence of God. If you don’t feel this in your church, you are in the wrong church. In fact, I hope every church would pick up this article and challenge your people to pray, because this pastor doesn’t have the divine knowledge to tell your people what to do, but pray. Decide if you are going to get the shot, then decide which shot after researching them (this Pastor has choosen the Johnson & Johnson shot, when it becomes available for my age group). The most important thing to realize and share with your churches is that the devil is trying to do the following: Seek, Kill and Destroy

These words from Jesus refer to the devil: “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10 KJV) The devil is trying to steal your relationship with God, to keep you out of heaven by keeping you out of church. The devil is killing people every day with this disease. Let’s put the blame where it belongs. He is destroying the nation by closing down commerce, our educational institutions, overworking the healthcare field, and definitely destroying the political arena as everyone blames each other. Maybe this Pastor is crazy, we all know that the shot is not a cure for COVID-19, but I am absolutely certain that God has a cure, and as a nation, if we would turn back to Him, maybe He would put the impression upon some man or woman’s mind, and we would have a cure. I know one thing is that we need to get back to searching out the face of God, because COVID kills more than people. Please pray for your Nation.


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