Shall We Pray

Dear Heavenly Father, Savior Jesus, Holy Spirit…

Oh hear our cry, may this prayer come even though is it delinquent, but may it be a song to your ears.

We have turned from the Most-High, and have not learned from our past. We have not allowed the history of your chosen Israel to teach us the path of righteousness, nor learned from their failures because we too have sinned.

We have once again chased after the gods of Baal and Asherah of the past. They were raised up in the high places, and people carried out sexual acts for all to see, which God despised and disciplined Israel for, and they repented. Oh God, today we are just like the days of Noah, Baal, and Asherah; we cared nothing about Jesus or His coming, having sex with as many people as we want, swapping partners, same-sex and bisexual activity; please, forgive us, oh God. Forgive us, God, for we do the same by exploiting our children, allowing them to take and send nude pictures, stealing their innocence from them. We, as a nation, allow apps on our children’s phones that walk them in this unrighteousness. Oh God, forgive us- we have allowed our standards in the church to fall away; we have stepped outside of your precepts and your laws, and we have written new ones to promote attendance and finances. We are like Israel once again – the glory of God has left the Sanctuary, and we have not even noticed. Forgive us, oh God, for replacing the Holy Spirit with a program, flashy lights, disco balls, cups of coffee, and entertainment, which is a poor substitute for the Holy Ghost, Jesus bumps, tears running down your face touch of God. Oh God, may we, in our churches once again, call right “right”, and wrong “wrong”. May we be doers of the Word, and not just hearers of the Word. Oh God, when we do a program, may it be done with sincerity and love, that someone may come closer to Christ.

Forgive us, Oh God, for walking so close to the line between heaven and Hell that we can smell the brimstone and hear the lies of old slue foot, the devil himself…may we not listen to the first lie he told Eve in the beginning…” Did God really say that?” Forgive us, God, for the lack of discernment, that we cannot distinguish the voice of the devil from the voice of God, that we have turned from the Holy Scripture- Your voice inspired and written by men, Your patriarchs! We have turned from your Holy Ten Commandments, written by Your own finger, and listen to the lie of the devil, because again, we are standing at the pit of hell, which had to be enlarged to hold all of them that are falling into it.

Oh God, forgive us, for we have not learned to shun evil, but instead we run foolishly, open-armed up to its’ face, not realizing the snare it entangles us in. We play with drugs and alcohol, which claim a minimum of 150,000 lives each year. Close to 3,000 die each week, and there is never an afterthought about it. A little leaven leavens the whole loaf, yet we tell ourselves that one drink and one toke never hurt anyone, but oh God, how did those 150,000 die?

Oh Precious Jesus, forgive us for treating your grace like a discarded Christmas gift a few minutes after it has been opened, your precious blood like it was nothing more than a drop of water that saved our souls. We live in the false assumption that we can live like the devil, use your name in vain, slap you in the face, and still, two seconds before we die, say “Lord, forgive me!” and fly up into Heaven, assuming that we even ask. God’s Holy Word says “no man cometh, except for the Father calleth”…Christ Jesus says “repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand”. You must be born again, living a new life, not the same old sinful life.

Oh God, I pray that someone sees, hears, and reads this prayer, that the Holy Spirit of conviction shall move them to repentive tears, that they would confess and change their life, that all of us would pursue a life of Holiness, for without it, no one shall see the face of God, including myself. May we run from the brim of hell, down the path of righteousness, to the gates of Heaven, and into the arms of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. AMEN.

Dr. Brian Brown,

Pastor, Lisbon Church of the Nazarene


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