Messenger selected finalist in Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge

EAST LIVERPOOL — Gemma Messenger, a third grader at LaCroft Elementary, is a finalist in the Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge of Northeast Ohio.

Support her by voting for her on the Northeast Ohio Young Entrepreneur Pitch Challenge website from April 6-10 at http://bit.ly/youngentrepreneurcontest.

The purpose of the challenge was for students to pitch a short sales idea which was to be recorded and submitted to the judges. Although you didn’t actually have to create the product, she did make her item, the Splash Blocker. With the help of her parents, Mike and Vanessa Messenger, she recorded her unique contest entry. These contest entries are short videos similar to what participants on the show Shark Tank would present.

Mrs. Janis Pridemore introduced this project to her third grade gifted students. The students brainstormed things that they felt could be improved upon. They used a variety of creative problem solving activities utilizing the SCAMPER method. The Acronym SCAMPER (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate, or Reverse). They looked at examples of presentations and discussed what qualities made a good presenter, so they could include these qualities in their own presentations.

There will be five winners from the K-4 category. Four of the winners will be selected by judges, but one winner will be selected by voters.


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